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Through the gates…




What is beyond the gates? Yes they are rusted, broken and crumbling down…but they are also strangely inviting, inspiring, and interesting. There is something romantic, glamorous and slightly spooky about them…I wonder what I would find if I could venture up the stairs. 

Locked gates…

Is this a sketch, or a photograph, or something in between? Can photography include taking a realistic photo then turning it into a sketch, and if yes, is it still a photo in this state? What if it was initially a hand-drawn sketch then turned into a photograph, would that matter, rather than a photo turned into a sketch?

The line between art and photography is and has always been blurred in my mind.  This is just another example…at the end of the day I just care that it tells a story and creates some emotion or response in the viewer.

Debate about whether it is a photograph or a sketch aside, this image of elegant wrought iron gates and fretwork now locked from public access, and the glimpses of the now neglected garden beyond, hints of a story. A story that may be interpreted as deeply personal and/or globally recognisable. If an image can do that, then that is enough for me.

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