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Got the blues….

flowers on fenceline

Walking is a great way to really notice things around you. I would never have given these small flowers growing over a fence a second look had I been in a car; and an opportunity would have literally passed me by. They were so sweet, wild and overgrown through a fence.

I notice also that blue has been featuring very prominently in many of my images recently. I also bought a painting recently – pale blues mostly. A favourite of my own paintings is entirely blue also. This blue phase surprises me, as although I love the entire range of sea blues and the changing blue hues of the sky (and constantly photograph both) it is the inky-almost black shade of indigo that I love most of all the blues. I think it sets off these wild flowers rather well.

I might have the blues after all…yes…a faded pair of jeans, a blue-black night sky, a child with the purest blue eyes I ever looked into and a touch of wistful melancholy.

Weeding out beauty…

To some people, it was just weeds growing in the back garden, not worthy of a second glance…To me, I saw an opportunity. Favourable light, interesting shapes, shadows and contrast, and a textured timber background. It was also, importantly, interesting. I like finding beauty in things others overlook. I hope I have done the weeds justice. They were noticed and they were found to be beautiful, at least by one person.

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