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Cubes of creativity create musings.

start something cubes

Being creative is a bit lost on me at present. I have been so busy with setting up my website, preparing for my first ever fair, fixing other collected paintings for the fantail collection, planning and making “start something” creativity packs, dealing with suppliers and endless paperwork… and planning some visits to other places….(where maybe you may join me for a good discussion over a wine or coffee…?)…well, there really hasn’t been much creativity going on in my life (apart from a few photographs) of late.

So today as I was making up some sample packs, I just had to use two of the cute little wooden blocks and some of my collection of mixed media bits and papers and just “play”. I sat with my son on the floor and we made a creative cube each…. It felt great! And I realised it has been far too long!

I am ready to get back to creating art and (I hope) inspiring others to be creative. I have missed it.

The good, the bad and the ugly…lessons in change.


A little mixed media piece – an old large coin, an image, some text and resin….It was intended to be a brooch a while ago, but I never attached the clip on the back. I prefer to just have it lying around on a table, and hold it in my hand, a little reminder that life can change in an instant. It can change profoundly, unexpectedly and in ways you never imagined. One minute it is all planned out and then…. on the strength of a phone call, a knock at the door, a doctors appointment, a lotto ticket found in your jeans, a passing glance, an unexpected offer, an act of kindness, an accident, mixed messages, an opportunity given and accepted…all these ways life can change so unexpectedly and profoundly.

Sometimes life seems to change direction on the strength of a millisecond, an instant, a fleeting moment in time.

Through the gates…




What is beyond the gates? Yes they are rusted, broken and crumbling down…but they are also strangely inviting, inspiring, and interesting. There is something romantic, glamorous and slightly spooky about them…I wonder what I would find if I could venture up the stairs. 

About the bells.

It was supposed to be about the bells. And an old fountain on top of a hill. I heard the bells ringing through town and realised I had never been up to the grassy hill where they are located. I recalled also that a fountain that once graced our city centre (long before I lived here) was also re-located up on this grassy hill when it was no longer considered desirable in town. So, I went to explore an area of the city that I did not know. And it was pretty. The fountain was not neglected but quite lovely (although planted rather than full of water obviously), and in addition to the glorious bells, the lovely old fountain, and the views over the city and sea, there was also an old war memorial on the grassy hill.

Yet despite all this visual inspiration, my photographs seemed decidedly average, failing to capture the essence of the space I was in and the emotion I had experienced, which was a real sense of peacefulness. I need to go back, with more time, more patience and really capture what felt so special. So, rather than share any images that I am not that happy with, I offer instead, the last one I took as I left, of the trees! Some very tightly growing together trees – their silver and white trunks, all vying for space, light and attention it seemed.

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