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Opening day….

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We opened the doors today – our first ever shop…it looked fabulous and it was great to meet so many lovely people who came in to see what we were doing and enjoyed the mix of my art and photography, the Fantail Collection, vintage treasures, Start Something kits and gorgeous flowers. The kids art/play area was also pretty popular with the younger crowd…

Here are a few pictures of the gallery/shop…

Through the gates…




What is beyond the gates? Yes they are rusted, broken and crumbling down…but they are also strangely inviting, inspiring, and interesting. There is something romantic, glamorous and slightly spooky about them…I wonder what I would find if I could venture up the stairs. 

Cruising by the sea

new wheels

I have wanted a “cruiser” bicycle secretly for ages. My dream one was pink, had a big comfy seat and a basket, a back carrier for people (unofficially, of course) or parcels (officially), no gears and had an “old school” vintage vibe. And guess what? I got offered one by someone clearing out their garage of “junk”. Did I want it? YES!!!!

It has instantly brought back memories of my grandmother’s large old bike (similar to this and complete with with a cane basket) and of my very own first bike, a red Rayleigh 20 when I was 8. You never forget the sense of freedom and joy a bike gives you.

In my favourite seaside town, my pink bike and I will soon be cruising the slow streets by the sea..perfectly happy on a pretty pink bike.

The letter O… an Occasion to celebrate

Christmas alphabet - letter O

Christmas might be about all things shiny and new to children, and can be considered to be a very casual event in midst of the summer heat here in the southern hemisphere, but I think Christmas is an Occasion to really celebrate. And I like to celebrate an Occasion with Old things especially.

To create a sense of Occasion, I pull out my best Old but beloved white linen tablecloth, and I love to find a reason to use my very old and tarnished antique jug and bowl that is a treasured gift. I like to set the table with my vintage china plates and I don’t worry if they don’t match. I like to use Old cut glassware and crystal decanters for desserts, creams, sauces, vases, for chilled water…all Old and treasured.

Who cares if it can’t go in the dishwasher? Who cares if it doesn’t match? Mix it up. Use your Own things with love, add candles, flowers, shells, decorations, to personalise and create a special sense of occasion.

Of course it goes without saying you need the essential ingredients of people who you love and whose company you enjoy, and the addition of great food for a really special Occasion to come together… but a touch of the Old, treasured and sparkly can set a scene for an Occasion to remember, even if its a picnic at the beach on Christmas day.

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