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City girl on the farm….

Abstract dairy factory

You can take the city girl to the country but if you take the city girl to a farm and expect photos of cows, mountains, and grass…you may be disappointed.  Yes, it definitely was beautiful…the mountain, the cows, the sea glistening, the mountain against a clear blue sky….stunning!

But what really excited me (on a Sunday ten kilometre fund raising cross-farm walk) was none of these…it was the walls of an old dairy factory we visited. Others may have seen some old concrete,  some run-down old farm buildings, some exterior walls in need of repair, or just ignored the building (in favour of the water and biscuits), but I saw striking shapes, interesting colours, lots of texture, dramatic angles…I saw shadows and light play on the wall and I knew that to me, this was beautiful. How typical of me to find inspiration in a building when I am surrounded by absolutely stunning rural farm, coastal and mountain scenery.

New life for old “found” junk…

Here are a couple of pictures of the dresser/desk I am restoring. You can see the blackened handle has turned to something like silver with some polishing and cleaning, and not brass as I had thought they might be. The gorgeous silky smooth timber hidden under layers and layers of paint is also coming to life.

There is lots of work to do yet, but as a start, I think it looks promising. For something that was destined for the dump, its satisfying on many levels to see it brought back to life for another generation to appreciate.

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