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Singapore…the land of the fan.

Singapore fan 4 Singapore fan 3 Singapore fan

With 38 degree heat, high humidity and intense smog from forest fires (off shore), it wasn’t really conducive to exploring, but I did spot these gorgeous plants – a fan in a silvery, green hue…both function and form in perfect harmony.

Pondering on a pretty pest…


Agapantha’s get a bad rap around here. It seems almost everyone hates them. They are considered (officially) a pest plant, an “environmental weed” and a lot of effort goes into removing them from many places. But they also seem to do a great job when mass planted of providing some lush greenery. They are salt tolerant and frequently found near the sea, such as this one was. They are very hardy.

Finding beauty in things that others think are pests…that is about having an open mind to seeking beauty all around us, even in unlikely places.

a wander in an overgrown garden…

lost in the garden

This garden belongs to someone I know. The gardener of great vision and commitment now sadly gone. The garden is proving too much for its sole remaining owner. It is slowly and surely being reclaimed by the invasive weeds, wild-growing plants, the bush undergrowth and the nearby forest surrounding it.

I was touched to find several little elegant seats and urns, neglected and overgrown, but not yet totally lost.

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