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Loving summer..


After getting The Little Christmas Advent Alphabet Book all finished in the nick of time and released before Christmas and also doing a stall at a Christmas fair, I was ready for a break over Christmas. (I did a few posts on Pinterest if you follow me there). But mainly I switched off and recharged my own batteries!

There have been lazy hazy days of reading and relaxing and swimming….But that was then…and this is a whole new year!

I have big ambitions for 2016  – starting with signing up for the Taranaki Arts Trail as an artist in residence) in June and also getting closer to securing a permanent venue for our art gallery/studio/shop. I am also planning another book this year and seeding an idea for an exhibition specifically inspired by my Italian trip late last year…so many ideas, so little time!

I love that a new year is a new start. A time for planning and dreaming big too! I hope you too have got some big or important or special plans for this year…



So here we are …

At the end of one year and the start of the next. It always seems appropriate to reflect a little on the past years trials and tribulations but also to reflect on the learnings, lessons and joys that occurred.

There were some disappointments and frustrations this year, along with some sadness. But mostly it went by in a blur of commitments, appointments and obligations. I realize now that the goals I set for myself around my art, photography and writing seemed to have been quite unachievable this year. I could dwell on all this, I guess, or I can just carry on and keep moving forward albeit more slowly toward my goals.

It’s just like when the running gets hard, you have to just keep moving forward until its easier to carry on than turn back. Sometimes that’s all you can do.

So my dear friends, don’t be too hard on yourself if you, too, didn’t quite achieve what you hoped this year. We are all on our own journey and for some of us, we seem to take the long winding road…let’s hope it makes all the difference. Happy New Year to you.

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