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On leaving Hawkes Bay…

Leaving hawkes bay

Winter in Hawkes Bay.

Picture perfect.

Hard to leave for so many reasons.

This is just one.

Last glances…on the road trip.

napier roadtrip 4napier roadtrip 7
napier road trip 2

It was always going to be a long, tiring haul… 4 kids and about a thousand kilometres in two days driving. But the mission was successful and extended family bonding was cemented for another few months. Here are some images I took on the way back as we left Hawkes Bay. I had to stop and take a last few glances at the breathtaking scenery, so very different from the west coast’s vivid greens and blues. Here on the east coast, it is so much drier, hotter, and the colours all seem to be of a long dry summer that has passed, even though it is only the start of summer…all muted, hazy orange and browns with faded purples, greys, muted greens and gold. So very stunning. Grape vines and tall poplars make it seem like a postcard of a scene from the Italian countryside. I live in a very beautiful country.

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