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sneak preview

5 hours, 3 people, and 65 items later…the exhibition is ready!

Here is a sneak preview of some of the items displayed.

The gallery staff were invaluable in pulling it all together in a cohesive but eclectic layout. I think the effect works well, mixing it all up.exhibition sneak preview

sneak preview 3

sneak preview 2

I feel very excited now.

The opening is tonight.


Twinkling lights and maybe Tinsel on the Tree?

Tinsel is an interior designers nightmare. I don’t think I have seen a single bit of shiny tinsel in any Christmas editions of any magazines or Christmas articles/images. It is definitely NOT flavour of the month, banished to the “tacky” and “gaudy” trash-can – out of sight and certainly not seen on any well-heeled, colour co-ordinated Christmas trees.

I don’t like tinsel. Too gaudy. Too plastic. I like decorations collected over years, all mismatched and sentimental. And I like twinkly Christmas lights, but only white, not coloured.

Yet, all around my neighbourhood, what do I see? Plastic Santa’s, blow up plastic reindeer, flashy tinsel and multi-coloured lights strung up, sign’s saying “Santa, stop here”…hilarious, riotous celebrations of Christmas from people who don’t care what’s in fashion, only about what is fun…

The Christmas Alphabet – brought to you by the letter T, some unfashionable Tinsel, coloured Twinkling lights, a blow up Santa, and a final Thought…be Thankful.

Christmas alphabet - the letter T

Start Something

Christmas alphabet the letter S

Santa Claus, Silent night, Snow (northern hemisphere), Strawberries (southern hemisphere)…even Singing or Smiles were all worthy candidates for today’s letter of the Christmas Alphabet – the letter S.

But Christmas isn’t just a time for enjoying the moment…quite often its a chance to reflect back over the past year and to think forward to next year.

“Start something” was a note to myself. It stays in my art room, pinned up as I find that when creativity freezes, or doubts start to appear, I find it quite useful to just “start something” and soon enough ideas/inspiration seems to rather curiously start to come together. But Start Something is also about having an attitude of doing rather than not-doing (but making excuses) or of action over procrastination.

So, in the Spirit of Christmas…however small or insignificant it might seem, Start Something..you never know what will happen.

Let the music move you….

Christmas alphabet - letter L

The letter L. It would have been obvious to select the word ‘Love’, or ‘Laughter’ or even ‘Life’ for the letter L of this Christmas Alphabet. However, on the 12th Day of Christmas, I have one offering….Let the music move you.

And dance.

Why? Because Life is short and it’s Christmas time, and if not then, when?

Celebrate Christmas

Christmas Alphabet  - the letter c

Celebrate is the focus for the letter C of this miscellaneous and somewhat meandering Christmas Alphabet.

My humble thought is this. To Celebrate the joy of Christmas, find a Child. They will show you the way.

Christmas brought to you by the letter B

B is for Believing. Believing is an important, crucial part of the spirit of Christmas. Believing that there is hope for a better, kinder world, with more love and more peace is, for me, a key part of what Christmas means to me.

Christmas is also about Bells, Baubles, Bubbly champagne, and here in New Zealand, it is also about Beaches and summer Barbeques. But above all, B is for Believing in the spirit of Christmas.

A Christmas Alphabet

christmas alphabet A

Here we are at December 1st already. Where has the year gone? The countdown to Christmas starts with the first day of the advent calendar, the Christmas tree decorations being dusted off, and the Christmas parade in town today to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Also for us in the southern hemisphere, December 1st heralds the start of summer, with school holidays fast approaching, summer days at the beach and long lazy summer days with friends and family, to look forward too.

As there are 25 days to Christmas, I am going to countdown to Christmas with a Christmas Alphabet – a different letter each day.

Today on December 1st, we start with A, of course.

A is, for me, about having an Attitude of gratitude. I think Christmas is about giving thanks, being truly appreciative for the things we often take for granted, and for acknowledging important people we have in our lives. Its about sharing our gratitude with others. Its about saying “I appreciate you”. So, I start my Christmas Alphabet on December 1st with the letter A and the thought of having an Attitude of gratitude at Christmas time.

Getting in the spirit…

Christmas at the beach will not be quite right without something to set the scene. We have a disused fireplace with a mantle piece at our place at the beach, so that was the obvious site for the “tree” I had planned. I was determined to use what I could find around our place, and sure enough, amongst my random collection of driftwood, stones, and shells, I found enough bits of driftwood collected from the beach, to assemble my version of a driftwood Christmas tree. I did “decorate” it with various shells and found beach items, but, in hindsight, I prefer the simpleness and texture of the bare tree, as photographed. Sometimes understated and simple is best.

Working title

This is the mixed media piece I am proposing to use as the main art image for my exhibition promotional materials and as the title of the exhibition. ONE… an exhibition of photography, painting, mixed media art and writing…(or words to that effect).

I think it represents my art and what I am about – it is an original mixed media piece, it is photography, it has a lot of contrast, texture, layers, symbols, text, a sense of drama and, importantly a story.

ONE as in…One word. One image. One wish. One regret. One chance. One voice. One heart. One lesson learned. One moment. One story. One chance encounter. One journey.

One image. One word. Quite a lot riding on it.

Christmas creativity in November…

It was wet and cold on Sunday, so after a visit to our local tertiary institute to check out the recent photography/art/design graduates final exhibition, I filled our dining table with various papers and creative tools. This included old Christmas cards, used wrapping papers, various paper bags, old postcards, ink stamps, pages from old books, stickers, pens, ribbon and string. The children all got busy making their own special things and while they were so busy, I starting making some of my own Christmas decorations using a shape I have had for ages of a dove/angel. I layered lots of assorted found papers, glued them, cut out my angel/dove shape, then finished them off with words I found or made about Christmas.

As I don’t have a tree yet, I strung mine with an old bead necklace that had fallen apart, and attached them to my vintage lamp stand. It turned out rather well, I thought. They move gently with the breeze so you can see both sides, and the light in the evening makes them look especially pretty. They are not perfect. But they are made from the heart and with love, with things from my home. The children’s decorations are equally as charming, although saved for pride of place on the christmas tree!


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