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One exhibition (Part Two)

Here is Part Two of the exhibition images. If you click on any image, it opens it all into a slide show which is a nice easy way to scroll through the images.

I hope you have enjoyed the exhibition. The sense of scale is lost here of course (some of the paintings & photographs are really large, but you don’t get that sense here unfortunately…).

Everyone seemed to really love the ‘stories’ accompanying many of the images, from my blogs. “Inspiring” was a word used a lot.

Well, mission completed. Time to evaluate, reflect, report back, plan what’s next…and take a rest!


Just “Us” at Christmas time

Us. Found sign.

I hope you get to spend Christmas with the people you love, the ones that make you feel loved and happy. With the people (or person) that you refer to, to others, as “us”.

Under the Christmas tree, may you find something special. However, the greatest gifts are not found there, they are found in Us.

The letter U of the Christmas Alphabet – U for Us.

ONE – An exhibition Announcement

rack card final (Click on the link)

BIG NEWS….here is the official Exhibition Announcement/Invitation to opening / Flyer.

Fellow bloggers and artists…you are the first to receive this. They have been printed and are all ready for distribution.Please consider this your personal invitation, feel free to circulate the flyer to anyone who you think may be interested… and a huge thank you again for all your support and encouragement.

Let the music move you….

Christmas alphabet - letter L

The letter L. It would have been obvious to select the word ‘Love’, or ‘Laughter’ or even ‘Life’ for the letter L of this Christmas Alphabet. However, on the 12th Day of Christmas, I have one offering….Let the music move you.

And dance.

Why? Because Life is short and it’s Christmas time, and if not then, when?

Working title

This is the mixed media piece I am proposing to use as the main art image for my exhibition promotional materials and as the title of the exhibition. ONE… an exhibition of photography, painting, mixed media art and writing…(or words to that effect).

I think it represents my art and what I am about – it is an original mixed media piece, it is photography, it has a lot of contrast, texture, layers, symbols, text, a sense of drama and, importantly a story.

ONE as in…One word. One image. One wish. One regret. One chance. One voice. One heart. One lesson learned. One moment. One story. One chance encounter. One journey.

One image. One word. Quite a lot riding on it.

The dancer.

She was a trial of something new, an attempt to transfer an image onto industrial tape for reasons I can no longer quite remember. Something happened along the way and my image came out quite different to what I had imagined.

I considered throwing it out at the time, but every time I look at it, I just can’t bring myself too. For three reasons; firstly because we learn more when we make mistakes, because that means we tried something new and took a risk. Secondly, because although her image is transformed into something almost unrecognisable, it feels full of movement, colour and passion. And thirdly, simply because she is dancing. And who wouldn’t want a bit more dancing in their life?

Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky…

It could be some words found, cut out of various (damaged and discarded) poetry books, reassembled and turned into a collage. Or…it could be our thoughts – trivial and the not-so, the conversations we have had, and importantly, those left unsaid… all circling in our mind, then floating out into the sky above us as we dream, and finally disappearing into the blackness…

Who knows what secrets the stars hold?

Who is she?

I think we juggle a lot of roles in our busy lives, and I think this collage captures some of that…

A curious thing…

I do not know why this angel/bird shape keeps appearing in my art. I feel like the reason will make itself apparent at some stage. All I know is that I keep making them, out of various bits of found papers, for no apparent reason. Maybe there is a link to the bird names and themes? Or maybe they are a symbol for peace, hope, faith? Or maybe they are about flight, travel, new places and exploring? Or maybe they are paper angels? I am not sure. But whatever the reason, I find them emerging frequently in my art. This one, with its vibrant colour and textures, took my fancy today.

One word, that’s all.

One word. One thought. One wish. One opportunity. One regret. One chance. One of many. One alone. One voice. One action. One only. One lonely. One heart. One mistake. One moment to shine.

Its just a word, after all. Just one little word with so much attached to it. One thought for tonight.

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