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Time for a new journal…

new journal 2013

As you may know, I am a big fan of journals…I carry one or two with me at all times to jot down ideas, words, thoughts, musings, and as a place to store tokens of things I come across and the like…

Over the weekend I decided to have a go at making my own personal journal, using an old novel and some old magazines. I wanted to make something that felt like “me” and would inspire me to continue to add to it my musings. Here is what I came up with.

Its relatively simple to copy, just be sure to use magazines or other found papers that are not glossy (or you wont be able to write/draw over it). I chose to be a bit discriminating and removed any obvious advertising, but I was also quite open to randomness. I was quite happy with the effect of just glueing down a loose magazine page then tearing it to fit the book and seeing what was left of the image in my “new” journal. You could instead use old maps, old letters, fancy scrap-booking papers, wallpaper (?) and the like…

This is just the base layer, it will look different again with my words, images and assorted paraphernalia filling it up in time. The best bit is I am looking forward to adding to it now…

A story from many pictures or a picture from many stories?

digital media image

Birds. Horses. Feathers. Victorian images. Buildings. Beaches. Poetry. Ancestry. Such a strange collection of images, words and thoughts…yet they are not random, but are all starting to come together for a creative project. I can’t tell you how it ends yet, as it’s not finished, but here is a mash-up of the concepts, the thoughts, the ideas and the images that helped to inspire me. Out of all this randomness will come two digitally composed images of a “creature”. Each made from a composite of at least ten other photographs I have taken. The two images will also be linked by a story, a thread of a poem, the use of text and symbols shared between the two images. Will they turn out as I imagine – ethereal, beautiful, whimsical, curiously macabre, proud, strong but fragile…or will my idea (or my technical skills) fail in this project? Will the images make sense? Will they convey the sense I wanted to create? Only time will tell…

City perspectives…

vulcan building


I see beauty. I see commitment. I see vision. I see elegance.  I see the perfect pinnacle where great design, solid engineering and excellent workmanship all come together to create a timeless beauty. It doesn’t happen often, and that is why buildings like this are special.  This Vulcan Buildings is one of my favourite buildings in Auckland. I also love the contrast with the modern, glass, streamlined building to the left. And the tree placed between the two buildings – carefully planned or an after-thought?

Where we live affects us. The buildings, the trees, the spaces we dwell in…they all affect us both as individuals and as a society. Let us hope they inspire us.


City boy in the country…

city boy

I came across this city infrastructure marker recently on my travels and was immediately drawn to it. I liked the wording on it. City Boy. It seems to serve some important purpose, but what exactly that is, was lost on me.

I was momentarily tempted to steal it. It would make a great feature in a boys bedroom, or hung in city office, or even as a photography prop. Instead, I just photographed it and smiled in mild amusement.  I wonder is there a corresponding “City Girl” somewhere? I can imagine “City Boy seeks City Girl”.

Or, is there an opposite, a “Country Boy” sign somewhere?

Happiness is a postcard…

I have been thinking about happiness recently. About what makes me really happy and why? And what I can do to make myself happier. I do believe that my happiness affects others, especially my children, so if I want them to be positive, content, happy little persons, then I need to ensure I am modelling such behaviour as well and taking responsibility for my own happiness.

My children make me very happy. Photography makes me happy. Writing and blogging makes me very happy. Collecting odd things and journalling makes me happy. Running, too, it seems, makes me happy. Flowers on a window sill make me happy. Painting makes me happy (but that is a much more complex relationship). And helping others also makes me happy.

I have made these postcards to help (in a very small way) the fundraising efforts to restore a wonderful facility entirely owned by the Opunake community, called Everybody’s Theatre. The restoration work is being led by a committed group and a supportive community, who are trying to restore and renovate it.

Its a little thing. But little things add up to bigger things and spread. Like happiness.

postcard side a

postcard side 2

No title necessary


Today is…

seed pods

a perfect day to notice something special.

The circle of life…

cemetery 2

Births, deaths and marriages…In recent days, I have found myself at two different cemeteries, attended a wedding and congratulated new parents on their impending or recently arrived new babes.

I like cemeteries. They are quiet, reflective spaces. They really put the meaning of our “life” into context – how short/long it can be, how unexpectedly and tragically or peacefully it can end. They make you stop and think about how you ultimately live and love and whether you will be remembered as someone who reached out to others and made a difference during your life. I am especially touched at how poignant the grievers can be in their words of loss and grief, words that still resonate, in some cases, centuries later.

Word of advice…

June 2011 061-1

A little thought in the spirit of Valentines Day…hope you had a good one.

Twinkling lights and maybe Tinsel on the Tree?

Tinsel is an interior designers nightmare. I don’t think I have seen a single bit of shiny tinsel in any Christmas editions of any magazines or Christmas articles/images. It is definitely NOT flavour of the month, banished to the “tacky” and “gaudy” trash-can – out of sight and certainly not seen on any well-heeled, colour co-ordinated Christmas trees.

I don’t like tinsel. Too gaudy. Too plastic. I like decorations collected over years, all mismatched and sentimental. And I like twinkly Christmas lights, but only white, not coloured.

Yet, all around my neighbourhood, what do I see? Plastic Santa’s, blow up plastic reindeer, flashy tinsel and multi-coloured lights strung up, sign’s saying “Santa, stop here”…hilarious, riotous celebrations of Christmas from people who don’t care what’s in fashion, only about what is fun…

The Christmas Alphabet – brought to you by the letter T, some unfashionable Tinsel, coloured Twinkling lights, a blow up Santa, and a final Thought…be Thankful.

Christmas alphabet - the letter T

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