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The rejection of sleeping Ariadne.

The rejection of Ariadne

My latest Photograph and entry into the Taranaki Arts Trail Exhibition 2016.

Titled “The rejection of sleeping Ariadne”.


A 3rd century BC Roman copy of an ancient Greek sculpture of Ariadne.

Ariadne awoke from her peaceful slumber  to find herself abandoned and rejected by her lover, Theseus, according to Greek mythology. This sculpture captures her final moment of peace before she wakes and realises the devastating betrayal that has occurred.

She is left to dream alone…rejected then by her lover and now, it also appears, the public.

Pink is Nice.


Pink is Nice. Or rather… Nice is pink. Nice, France… that is. Lots of lovely faded pink buildings. And pale blue and pale green and pale yellow…One can’t help but smile at these gorgeous old buildings in such wonderful summer/beach colours. So pretty and so much faded, past it’s best, glamour. The wonderfully ornate architecture, gorgeous shutters and delicate wrought iron everywhere  in the most pretty faded pastel palettes. I never tired of these grand old ladies.

The italian beauty…

2015-09-16 21.14.23_20150916212001957

I have seen some spectacular scenery in recent days through the south of France and into the rugged coastline and stunning villages of Cinque Terre in northern Italy. Yet, it has not been the big dramatic vista’s that have inspired me as much as the tiny nooks and crannies, the doorways, the steps to mysterious gardens, the windows and balconies offering peeps into lives very different from my own, the cobbled paths, and the ancient plaques, statues and seats. And, inside buildings, ancient details….like this chandelier…not perfect but beautiful in its own right. It is the noticing of the tarnished, used, loved and adored that are so beautiful that has fascinated me…

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