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Keeping watch over the city.

In one lifetime it was probably a source of civic pride, valued for its beauty. A fountain in the city centre – how perfect! I imagine children playing, fascinated with the water, splashing and giggling; adults enjoying the sound of flowing water, and the view, too, from the seating that I imagine was located nearby. Birds also, would have come to the fountain to cool down, and maybe even a dog or two may have had a cool drink in these fountain waters. Was it considered too tacky? Was it simply too grand? Too fancy? Not quite the right “image” for a city heading into a brave new future? Or was it just too hard to maintain?

In another lifetime, it now keeps watch over the city from afar, perched on a grassy suburban hill with the sea and trees as a scenic backdrop instead of the hustle and bustle of down town. Just as beautiful, but neglected, seemingly sadder somehow, as the plants grow now where once the water glistened.

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