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The colours of the garden.

The colours of Hollard Gardens

Take one sunny spring Saturday, add one happy extended family with children scampering through the garden exploring, grandparents discussing garden plants, and little old me merrily taking photo’s like a child in a candy store…such colour, texture and beauty all in one place!!!

Through the gates…




What is beyond the gates? Yes they are rusted, broken and crumbling down…but they are also strangely inviting, inspiring, and interesting. There is something romantic, glamorous and slightly spooky about them…I wonder what I would find if I could venture up the stairs. 

Weeding out beauty…

To some people, it was just weeds growing in the back garden, not worthy of a second glance…To me, I saw an opportunity. Favourable light, interesting shapes, shadows and contrast, and a textured timber background. It was also, importantly, interesting. I like finding beauty in things others overlook. I hope I have done the weeds justice. They were noticed and they were found to be beautiful, at least by one person.

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