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Through the gates…




What is beyond the gates? Yes they are rusted, broken and crumbling down…but they are also strangely inviting, inspiring, and interesting. There is something romantic, glamorous and slightly spooky about them…I wonder what I would find if I could venture up the stairs. 

Faded glamour in the garden…

Today was one of those days when I was sure I had at least a few lovely photos. After all, I was in one of our region’s most beautiful garden’s on an early spring day, with a slightly overcast sky and with plenty of time to enjoy the park. Everything seemed perfect.

The only problem was I came away with was a pile of decidedly average images, none that seemed to captured how stunning the garden actually was.

This is one that I do like, however. Initially it was a vertical image with tall poplars in the background and the eye was drawn toward the trees. But it just wasn’t working for me. Cropped horizontally it seems to have a faded glamour about it that I much prefer.

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