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Happenstance, meaning Chance: A chance circumstance or chance encounter.

Meeting someone and in an instance feeling like you have spent your whole life waiting for them, or having an unexpected experience that changes the planned trajectory of your life – that’s Happenstance and it  requires being brave and open to new experiences. .

But happenstance (chance) gets a bad rap these days… “Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Plan everything. Be organised. Be consistent. Take the low risk option. Play it safe. Take the safe route. Be reliable, etc…” 

But there comes a time for most of us when you just have to follow your heart. Sometimes you have to follow your gut instinct. Or trust a complete stranger. Or take a different path from everyone else. Or offer a stranger assistance. Or do something that really isn’t rational or sensible but somehow makes sense to you in that moment.

Sometimes life really does change direction on the strength of a comment, a glance, a missed train, while waiting at a bus stop, with a strangers smile or a kind offer. Happenstance. My latest word for my collection of words, quotes & musings. 















Going green.

Green is good. Green is the colour of life, nature, vibrancy, goodness, fertility and growth. It is also the colour of grass. And glorious trees. But not the sky.

Green, Grein (Scot) also means to long [for], to yearn [for].

And Greengage is a green and very sweet variety of plum. As well as a great sounding name for a fruit.

The sharing of a word or two…

As you know, I collect words. These are some of my recent additions to my collection in my journals. Some have been titles of recent blog entries or art pieces. Others are words I have heard, seen, used, thought or found and just feel compelled to record them, to collect them. I don’t know what it is that appeals about these words, but for some reason they resonate with me. The words come from many places, experiences, and sources, yet always mean something quite profound to me. Maybe they inspire you too?

Almost all of a thought…

Journals are interesting things. Sometimes words and images come easily and purely and really mean something specific to the journal owner. Sometimes words and images come and at the time, seem to mean nothing at all. You are left with a strange feeling, having been compelled to use them, but not really sure why.

Almost all. Why these words? What do they mean? Almost all means holding something back, keeping something in reserve, not exposing to much of yourself in your work and endeavours…but why? For self preservation, risk mitigation, security of mind, protection against criticism? Or is it holding something back as a promise, a tantalizing gesture that there is more and better to come?

Almost all refers to the majority also, and therefore it ironically becomes focused on the exceptions. As in the type of sentence that goes…”Almost all bloggers/artists/photographers/writers/women/creative types….” So, maybe “almost all” is about being an exception, doing things differently from the normal, not being in the majority. Maybe its about finding your own way, taking a less travelled path, standing up for something that everyone else just shrugs their shoulders over, and being comfortable with who you are and what you stand for. Just a thought.

thoughts on a common language…

I found this quote in a random magazine…it was to do with something completely different to what I felt about it – it was a quote about custom cars, I think. It works perfectly for me, with my abstract letters, which are almost turned into unrecognisable symbols. I think they compliment each other and make an interesting statement about the evolution of language, text and symbols in our society, now, in the past and into the future…

There is a lot to be said for a common language, such as ease of communication, less confusion, a shared understanding, economies of efficiency… but I can’t help but think my own feelings lie in sympathy with this quote…when we lose individual, quirky, kooky and unique and replace it with generic, mass produced, and common, we lose something really special in the process, in language, art, creativity and in all human endeavours.

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