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Where the green meets the blue…

This is a new painting. It is inspired by a quote, “You come from where the green meets the blue”. It’s a quote that has always stayed with me, permanently etched in my brain for some unknown reason. My painting is titled unsurprisingly “Where the green meets blue” (2012).

The quote is found in the beautiful photographic book “Keepers of the Spirit – Stories of Nature and Humankind” by photographer Chris Rainier (Beyond Words Publishing Inc, 1993).

Like several of my other paintings is very dark, dark blues, indigo and blue blacks, and the darkest of greens. It is almost entirely black at first glance. It only comes to life when the light hits it and reflects the deep colours and textures.

Although the quote is about different civilisations very far from here, I think it is a fitting description of the place where the deep green bush and lush green paddocks dramatically meet the varied and deep blues of the west coast sea, the sea without end, the place I call home.

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