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Fall of the leaves…

red blossoms

It is definitely fall here. Or autumn as we call it where I live. I spotted this tree covered in resplendent red leaves and was taken by the intense colour against the grey sky and branches….simply sublime!

On leaving Hawkes Bay…

Leaving hawkes bay

Winter in Hawkes Bay.

Picture perfect.

Hard to leave for so many reasons.

This is just one.

Fall amongst the grapes…


Autumn or Fall as it is called in the northern hemisphere (which I happen to think is a much more romantic name) has arrived amongst the grapevines. The seemingly endless rows are burnishing their  post-harvest golds as far as the eye can see…the burnt umber, oranges, rusts, reds, browns and yellows, a touch of defiant green, go on forever it seems until finally ending at the shadowed foothills in the distance.  Fall amongst the grapes. A field of golds. A sight to take your breath away.


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