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Journal dreaming…

I went a bit mad on journals while I was away…I found so many that I fell in love with… I will be putting some on the website soon, but here they are on our Pinterest site, if you would like a sneak preview…just click on the link below…


Winter roses…

rose July 2015

Winter isn’t the normal time for roses to bloom. It is a time of dormancy and pruning, caring and quiet bare branches. Apparently my roses did not get this message as today, after all the recent cold weather and the torrential rain…I have roses blooming on bare branches…delicate, fragile and the palest pink…a perfect winter rose.

City girl on the farm….

Abstract dairy factory

You can take the city girl to the country but if you take the city girl to a farm and expect photos of cows, mountains, and grass…you may be disappointed.  Yes, it definitely was beautiful…the mountain, the cows, the sea glistening, the mountain against a clear blue sky….stunning!

But what really excited me (on a Sunday ten kilometre fund raising cross-farm walk) was none of these…it was the walls of an old dairy factory we visited. Others may have seen some old concrete,  some run-down old farm buildings, some exterior walls in need of repair, or just ignored the building (in favour of the water and biscuits), but I saw striking shapes, interesting colours, lots of texture, dramatic angles…I saw shadows and light play on the wall and I knew that to me, this was beautiful. How typical of me to find inspiration in a building when I am surrounded by absolutely stunning rural farm, coastal and mountain scenery.

Sights and sounds in the city…

art scultpure

Tiffany Singh’s modern art sculpture “What is the colour of the breeze?” is a reminder that the best art is art that we like and that brings us pleasure. Art that uplifts our souls and makes us feel good is not seemingly fashionable, however. This cutting-edge concoction of sound, wind, and colour all comes together tucked away in a very small, gritty, urban, unsealed car park wedged between some buildings…and is a beauty to behold for the eyes (and also the ears). You are immediately drawn in,  to walk amongst the chimes, to run your hands over the bamboo chimes and the many coloured ribbons. And when the wind comes through they all move like one giant wind chime, all swaying in unison.

Colourful. Joyful. Harmonious. Modern art. Who would have thought? That’s inspired.

the winds of change are stirring…

march 1

You may wonder why the current theme of seemingly half dead flowers? To be honest, I am not sure. I have a feeling I am on the edge of a transformation – like a death of something within me is occurring and something new is arising.
Since the exhibition ended I have struggled with what is next? What do I do now, is my art evolving or am I stuck in a rut? I have not ventured into my studio and it sits there locked up, curtains closed, and I am seemingly direction-less at present.

I have set some goals but I feel on the brink of a transformation. Something is changing within me – I can feel it whirling all around me. I hope the end of it will be an urgent sense of renewed focus, passion and creative spirit.

Unfinished Business has ended.

unfinished business

Here is my latest painting, finished finally. I noticed my last blog about it was called Unfinished business and the name seems to have stuck for some reason. I think it can be interpreted quite a few ways. It is already now for the exhibition and it is large, heavily textured, quite dramatic, and I am relieved it is finished. It seems a long way from my original intention of a light and bright image (I had felt my previous works were too dark looking), but they always seem to almost take on their own life. Almost all the white is now layered underneath blues, purples and blacks.

I have about 12 paintings now ready for the exhibition. A couple I feel especially attached too, and if they sell, I think I will be quietly quite sad but also thrilled. Along with the paintings I have about 30 framed photographs ready, 10 “picture stories” (blog musings and meanderings with images) and a few other surprises…I am feeling pretty organised now, finally. Its been a mammoth effort (and a huge expense) but feels very good to see it all coming together. I will be sure to post some images once it is all set up in the gallery next week.

The last day of the year. I am looking forward to next year, with all its surprises, journeys and opportunities. I casually looked up my astrological sign in the newspaper today – a horoscope forecast for 2013 and it said “You show an obvious creativity that’s certain to get you noticed. Discard any self doubts, reaffirm strengths and meet your ambitions…its a year for professional breakthrough”. I don’t know if its true, but I like it, and with the exhibition a week away, it felt like a good omen!

May you have a wonderful New Years Eve tonight and a great New Years Day tomorrow. Wherever you are, I hope you are with those closest to you and feeling creative and positive as we herald in a New Year and hope for a brighter, safer, happier and more peaceful year.

ONE – An exhibition Announcement

rack card final (Click on the link)

BIG NEWS….here is the official Exhibition Announcement/Invitation to opening / Flyer.

Fellow bloggers and artists…you are the first to receive this. They have been printed and are all ready for distribution.Please consider this your personal invitation, feel free to circulate the flyer to anyone who you think may be interested… and a huge thank you again for all your support and encouragement.

Living the dream.

The Taranaki National Art Awards (and Exhibition) for 2012 has been and gone. It was great to be there on opening night to see all the amazing art on display. I feel privileged to live in such a creative place with such talented artists (and keen supporters of local and national art) around. Opunake township, who hosts the event, also had art on display in most shop front windows and I was lucky to be asked to have two pieces on display, which was really great as well.

I had three pieces entered, two photographs and one painting (which was not for sale). I was thrilled to find out on the last day, that one of my photographs had sold. It was just the confidence boost I needed as my first exhibition is nearing in two months.

It is starting to feel really real.

Seeking truth in abstract places

What I love most about abstract art is how it is interpreted so differently by each person who views it. You don’t have to explain it, or justify it to yourself or others. The emotion it evokes in each of us, is our own unique truth.

It is, I think, being essentially human to want to seek out a human form in a vertical image, to seek out a landscape or a horizon in a horizontal image, to seek water or sky when we see blue, to seek a symbol we recognise in an image that’s hard to define.

With abstract images, finding meaning can be brutally simple or frustratingly complex. It may mean you have to look a little harder, a little longer. Or stop looking so hard. Or try a different point of view. You might have to ask different questions of the art. Or, of yourself. Or you may need to just say this image does not speak to me. Or, listen carefully if it does.

The truth will reveal itself to you, given time. I promise.

A new work in progress

This is a new painting I started yesterday. I had one of those fantastic moments when it all became very clear what I needed to do. It was a painting with layers of pinks, creams, and the faintest touches of gold… muted faded colours, highly textured and totally abstract. A very different colour palette for me, much more muted than usual, but I like where its heading. What do you think?

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