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The eye has it.

closed eye

Portraiture. Something I profess to love. Yet most of my work (that I share) is of landscapes and objects. Yet, people remain my favourite thing to photograph and I got all inspired today looking at fashion magazines and I started thinking about glamour and beauty in photography. As I sadly did not have a glamour model on hand to photograph, I selected a one page advertisement of an unnamed model in a glossy magazine and photographed it. Then I cropped it significantly, turned it to simple black and white image, then I thought I would focus on one just perfect detail. And what better object than the the “window to the soul” – the eye? I cropped it further down to focus on one eye and then started playing with it and the blue eye shadow.

I am not fan of blue eye shadow for myself, but in this case the iridescent blue is captivating against the pale white skin.

It’s different. I like it.  Something different. Inspiration found in an advertisement.


On men at work…

welder 2

Witnessing someone completely focused and concentrating on what they are doing and oblivious to your presence is a strange phenomenon. You can feel like you are accidentally privy to an intensely private moment. Yet I was enthralled and drawn into the scene by the focused attention to detail, the composition of what I saw before me, the light (of course), and the contrast of gentle/fragile/focused work vs dangerous/gritty/dark…

That and the allure of the flame…mesmerising always!

Sometimes there is beauty in very unexpected places. This one place I have found it.

The welder’s realm…

W project 089

I mentioned a while ago that my first love in photography was people…it might seem strange as I very rarely post images of people, preferring  the relative safety of trees, buildings and the like for my blog.  I have (I guess) a documentary/street style of portraiture. I love to try and capture a person in such a way that someone viewing the image is drawn in and compelled to ask questions..

In this image, I just love that he is so engrossed in his work. Its not technically perfect, his hands are blurred as they were moving too quickly for the selected camera shutter speed, but for me…it is a man engrossed in his work and a moment captured perfectly.

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