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Winter morning in full view.

mountain in late august 2016

There was something about the light this morning that made the mountain seem especially majestic. What an incredible sight to behold while going about the morning’s chores…enough to make you just pause and consider the incredible thing that is nature.

Taking in the view…


It is always good to get away and see new sights. The hills are different here from where I live, the landscape changed subtely and the light, somehow different.

The last of the golden fields…

wellington route

I have been doing a bit of travelling recently.  This region is usually very green, but now, at the very end of a long dry summer, is now golden and dry. The mountain range in the distance is almost blue in contrast. A perfect combination I think.

A symbol of home…

feb 2014 mountain

I don’t typically take a lot of photographs of the mountain. But you can’t deny it’s majestic presence and its imprint on the psyche of anyone who lives here.  Ask any child from around here to draw  where they live and the familiar conical shape with its ‘too perfect’ snow cap (for most of the year) is almost without exception, the first thing they draw. It really is the sign of “home” that we all recognise.

I was doing observational painting today with a group of children. It was so inspiring and enjoyable to see their passion and enthusiasm for art, nature and painting. Surrounded by spectacular trees, a stunningly wide river, lots of rocks and grassy meadows, a garden full of vibrant flowers…what did they mostly paint when asked to  paint a symbol representing where they were ? What inspired them most? Not the river, or the flowers or the trees… No, they tended to look beyond the obvious. Many cast their eyes into the distance and found the sign of home, their mountain.


A place like no other?

mountain air

The mountain is looking particularly spectacular at present, covered in thick white snow and looking very much like a mountain should – regal and impressive. This image, with the Stony River in the foreground (one of the many rivers flowing from the mountain to the sea) captures that beauty rather nicely, I think. How is it possible that this view is so close to my home and yet I also live by the sea? How lucky am I?

This is one of those times when you wish you could head up the mountain, breath in some mountain air and reflect on the glorious and stunning natural environment…but at this particular moment, I was in a car, on a bridge, heading elsewhere.

My last thought…This really is “a place like no other”. Let’s keep it that way…

Impressions from the road less travelled…


There are two ways south: the long way around the mountain, meandering along the coastline, or the alternate and more direct in-land route. I always take the road less travelled. It is a constant source of inspiration and joy to me.

Rethinking coming “home”.

April Auckland 2013 170

A different mountain. On a road less travelled by me . Some of my ancestors come from here.  It is misty and green like where I live now, and there is a mountain and cows, so it is a familiar scene.  There is a mighty river. It is spectacularly beautiful.

But there is no sea near here. No sea smell. No salt spray. No endless blue horizon. No ever changing waves. No sand.  No sound of the sea.

I may be from the green valley and my ancestors may have dwelt in the shadow of the mountain, but the sea rages through my veins and without it I am lost.

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