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Up the garden path…

garden query

I found the image of the garden path…it led me to a thought about people who come and go in your life and those who stay…The question I had was…who will walk with And in the future?

Some people come and go in your life and that’s ok. What matters is not who walks the path with you when it is wide, smooth, and clear for miles but who is also there when it gets narrow, rocky and hard to see.

leaving a mark…


Symbolism runs deep in human species, and the same symbol can mean entirely different things to different people, at different times, places, cultures, beliefs and customs. I don’t really know what these symbols mean to the person(s)/artist(s) who made them… they are familiar but strange, they feel personal but universal…modern but ageless…urban but primitive.

They are permanent marks on the landscape. I wonder if they are a sign, a message, a story, or a reminder of something important – something the maker wanted others to know? Why do we humans, feel a need to leave a mark…from the first hand print on a cave wall, to now…we have a compelling urge to say “I was here”.

All our hearts carry primitive marks, held privately, and known only to our own hearts…unique symbols of love, loss, victory, grief, courage? But if we were to display our ancient symbols – what we stand for, what we are, who we are, where we are from, what we have done, loved, lost, survived…what if they were on display?

What would my symbol look like?

Outside the comfort zone…


You may have noticed that I haven’t been doing any photography recently, or any painting. Or blogging for that matter. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been creative. I have in fact been pushing myself in an entirely new but related creative direction – getting to grips with digital media  and learning how to use Photoshop for creative expression.  Here is one of two “creatures” I have had to create from 10 of my other photographs – a composite image. It’s not technically perfect (I am a beginner in this area, after all), but it is part of my creative journey of creating and exploring and learning. True  to my own style, it is full of symbols, includes text, has rich colour, high contrast, and a sense of drama. I hope it creates a feeling that there is a story to be told. It is one of two images that attempt to answer  questions about ancestry and belonging.

Here is the other image. They are very different but both part of the same story.

tui lady for print 27062013

When we challenge ourselves creatively (or mentally or physically) and push outside of our comfort zone, when we shun the familiar and comfortable and when we try something different, new, challenging or difficult – its not easy. It can feel scary, intimidating and weird. You can feel, like I did, clumsy and awkward, and deeply frustrated at times.  But now  I can see the effort was worth it… this is literally “my ideas brought to life by me” through new skills I have learned. That’s a nice feeling for any artist – to be challenged and to grow creatively.

Who’s that girl?

little theatre

Who is that girl? Why is she dressed like that? Why is she standing on a stage in front of an empty theatre? Where are the people? Is she an actor? Why does this image ask so many questions of the viewer? What era is this? I love an image that seems to beg for a story or invites questions and pondering. She seems so elegant, her touch is light, her frame slight, fragile almost but also standing tall and proud. You sense that she is beautiful too.

It’s an image that asks a lot of questions. It has beautiful light, an elegant subject who is not aware of the photographer, and is in an unusual setting that doesn’t quite make sense. For all those reasons, I love it.

The rains have come…

abstract image 2012

The rain has come at long last…starting slowly yesterday with a slow tease, but is now rolling thunder, lighting crashing through the sky, a torrential downpour drenching every surface, filling our rivers and lakes with much needed water.

This image,  a collage/paint/digital mixed media piece seems to be about this moment of rain after the endless summer. It is a fitting visual acknowledgement of the rain that has come, tinged with sadness in the realisation that summer is now, quite possibly over.

On taking a moment…

April 2012 017

Remember to breathe…it seems such a crazy comment on the first glance. Why would we need to remember to breathe?

Perhaps when we act in haste or anger? Perhaps when our heart is racing so fast it feels like it is about to burst out of our body? When all seems lost? When we are angry beyond belief? Frustrated beyond words? Feeling threatened or suddenly very very brave? Or about to embark on a scary new course of action? Or when feeling overwhelmed by others’ actions or inactions?

This feeling shall come to pass….in the meantime, remember to breathe. In that moment, it may be all you have.

beach flowers…

flower in december

A beach flower…so vivid and brilliant. It was just growing along a fence line between public and private property, spreading out onto the footpath, on a quiet street heading toward the sea. The flower fully facing toward the north – seeking the sun not wilting in the heat, embracing the salt laden air, the harsh sea winds and endless salty spray… as if to say, bring it on and see us thrive!

Beauty amongst the toughest conditions…I think so.

One Exhibition – officially open

Well, it is now official.

The opening was really great, I think there were about 40 people who came along at different times, which was really encouraging, lots of positive comments and reviews and even a few sales…thrilling! But the thing I loved most was talking to almost everyone and finding out which piece they really connected with and why. It seemed that everyone had a favourite, and everyone seemed to enjoy the stories accompanying some of the pieces, too. Here are a few more images of the exhibition – not of opening night, but from the quiet moment a few hours before.

ehibition photo blocks

exhibition entry

exhibition images 2

exhibition images

Exhibition image photographs

exhibition paintings and photographs

sneak preview

5 hours, 3 people, and 65 items later…the exhibition is ready!

Here is a sneak preview of some of the items displayed.

The gallery staff were invaluable in pulling it all together in a cohesive but eclectic layout. I think the effect works well, mixing it all up.exhibition sneak preview

sneak preview 3

sneak preview 2

I feel very excited now.

The opening is tonight.

Start Something

Christmas alphabet the letter S

Santa Claus, Silent night, Snow (northern hemisphere), Strawberries (southern hemisphere)…even Singing or Smiles were all worthy candidates for today’s letter of the Christmas Alphabet – the letter S.

But Christmas isn’t just a time for enjoying the moment…quite often its a chance to reflect back over the past year and to think forward to next year.

“Start something” was a note to myself. It stays in my art room, pinned up as I find that when creativity freezes, or doubts start to appear, I find it quite useful to just “start something” and soon enough ideas/inspiration seems to rather curiously start to come together. But Start Something is also about having an attitude of doing rather than not-doing (but making excuses) or of action over procrastination.

So, in the Spirit of Christmas…however small or insignificant it might seem, Start never know what will happen.

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