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A little luck is all you need…

I attended the opening last night of the North Taranaki Community Arts Council’s (NTCAC) exhibition of artists they have supported, including yours truly. Here’s a little tongue in cheek appraisal of the night, based on a book I had as a child – it’s a little like this…

  • What good luck it was a lovely exhibition space (thanks Doug)  and there was lots of wonderful art on display (and lovely dancing).
  • What bad luck my large photograph image was not displayed at the exhibition…
  • What good luck my small image (a framed photograph) looked really lovely.
  • What bad luck everyone ate my gluten-free chocolate brownies before I even got one.
  • What good luck I got to meet a much admired artist (Paul Hutchinson) and tell him I was a huge fan of his work painting “everyday” items.
  • What bad luck the wine ran out so quickly
  • What good luck I met a very lovely artist who told me a thing or two about life and it turns out she and I had much in common despite our significant age differences.
  • What bad luck the NTCAC is closing down (“being absorbed”) after 30 years of supporting artists with small grants.
  • What good luck two of my dear friends came along to support me, along with my ever supportive partner and my daughter.

All, in all, a good night, great art and I will try not to be too disappointed that only one of my pieces made it up on the wall..

It’s on at The Metro Gallery, Devon Street, New Plymouth (across from Hikoi shoes/clothes) until the end of the month. Go along and support our local talent (and Doug’s inaugural Metro Gallery exhibition), if you can.

Sights and sounds in the city…

art scultpure

Tiffany Singh’s modern art sculpture “What is the colour of the breeze?” is a reminder that the best art is art that we like and that brings us pleasure. Art that uplifts our souls and makes us feel good is not seemingly fashionable, however. This cutting-edge concoction of sound, wind, and colour all comes together tucked away in a very small, gritty, urban, unsealed car park wedged between some buildings…and is a beauty to behold for the eyes (and also the ears). You are immediately drawn in,  to walk amongst the chimes, to run your hands over the bamboo chimes and the many coloured ribbons. And when the wind comes through they all move like one giant wind chime, all swaying in unison.

Colourful. Joyful. Harmonious. Modern art. Who would have thought? That’s inspired.

Life on the other side of the camera


This was supposed to be a blog about the end of the exhibition, with a photographic showcasing of all the exhibition pieces…but as you can see, it’s not. (technical glitches…) So, it’s just me, caught on camera by my kids.

Its not very often that I am on this end of the camera, much preferring to be the photographer rather than the subject. But, this photo was taken by one of my two younger children and I thought it captured quite well what they see. There’s no make up, no hairstyling, no fancy clothes or house styling…just me, being me. Its refreshingly honest.

So, this is me now. As viewed from a 3 year old or possibly 7 year old.

My ONE exhibition is finished. I have had several international, national and local sales of my images and tons of positive feedback. Who knows what this year holds?? I hope you continue to carry on this journey with me. I love your support, advice, comments and the inspiration I get from your own stories and creative journeys.

Guardian of the sea, watching over the sentinal

sentinal of the sentinal

This image is part of the current exhibition, entitled “Sentinel of the sea”. You can see next to the image is the blog post about the “Sentinel” (a historic shipping marker), seemingly standing guard over the cliff top, facing out to sea.

To my surprise several people at the exhibition have pointed out the “face” in the tree next to the shipping marker. Once you spot it, its hard to miss.

I like to think its a guardian. A keeper of the secrets and stories of the harbour. A face endlessly looking out to sea, eternally keeping watch and hoping for safe passage.

Sometimes photography captures unexpected things. Let me know if you spot the face.

A little word of thanks…

The ONE Exhibition would not have happened without the support and assistance of the following people and organisations/businesses, that I would like to acknowledge and thank.

1. The North Taranaki Community Arts Trust for giving me a chance.
2. The Real TART Gallery staff for their advice, support, encouragement and a tremendous effort in pulling it all together on the day.
3. Roger and the team at French Photographics for my gorgeous medium and large scale photographic prints. (and for telling me to get a new camera!)
4. Anita at About Image for your assistance in making my Picture Stories come to life.
5. The Artshop for paints, some framing, and good advice.
6. Maree for her card design work – taking an image, words and a vague idea and turning it into my awesome exhibition cards.
7. My family and my friends – for all the encouragement (and brutal advice when required) and for all the other stuff (you know…) – a heartfelt thanks to each of you.
8. My blog friends – a constant source of inspiration, advice and encouragement from creative and interesting people from around the world (72 countries!!) who I am very flattered to say, have an interest in what I am doing…thank you again.
9. And GB who really said Go for it.

From me.

One Exhibition – officially open

Well, it is now official.

The opening was really great, I think there were about 40 people who came along at different times, which was really encouraging, lots of positive comments and reviews and even a few sales…thrilling! But the thing I loved most was talking to almost everyone and finding out which piece they really connected with and why. It seemed that everyone had a favourite, and everyone seemed to enjoy the stories accompanying some of the pieces, too. Here are a few more images of the exhibition – not of opening night, but from the quiet moment a few hours before.

ehibition photo blocks

exhibition entry

exhibition images 2

exhibition images

Exhibition image photographs

exhibition paintings and photographs

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