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Angela Photographer

Hi, my name is Angela. I love painting…photography…mixed media…print making….design…journaling…writing…creating and generally making images….I live in stunning Taranaki, in New Zealand,  near the spectacular wild west coast and with a mountain backdrop, along with my four gorgeous kids (3 boys and one girl), my partner GB, and one very large fat cat.

Many things inspire me, from old buildings to patterns in nature, interior design magazines to shells on the beach, city scenes and ocean views, posters and books, old junk and new things, but I do gravitate toward the used, pre-loved, abandoned, vintage…. With my art, my photography is mostly about noticing things around me, finding beauty in the un-noticed or the everyday. My painting is mostly abstract, focused on  colour and texture primarily, yet my photography and mixed media/print/collage works are more about words, eclectic images, looking at things in different ways..I hope you find something of interest.

I juggle like many others, working, studying, my art aspirations, a busy life, and my kids.. and this blog is about that experience, my journey to become a “real” artist and what happens along the way. I hope you enjoy it, find something of interest, and please feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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