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I wasn’t expecting to love London.  It is my third short visit here in fifteen years…a city I recalled as dirty, crowded and busy. It is still crazy busy and crowded, but now seems imaculately clean, green, vibrant and I have fallen in love with it…

I am in love with your buildings, both ancient and modern. I love the way the old buildings are valued,  adored, restored and the incredible level detail in their facades, doorways, windows and frontage.  I am in love with your green ,green trees…filling the street with softness and natural beauty. I am in love with your public art, both ancient statues and monuments and modern editions. They are bold, delightful, thoughtful, inspiring…and everywhere. They say we care about our past….and we are also contemporary and live in a modern, forward thinking city. I love how you have no litter and how much pride there is. I love your fancy lamposts and litle pockets of green gardens full of flowers. I love your WiFi everywhere. I live your art galleries. I love your bridges and your red double decker buses too….but mostly I love the feeling that this is a place to be inspired at every turn……a place for creative’s,  thinkers, writers, photographers, doers, entreprenuers and revolutionaries….London….I adore you.


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