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Broken beauty

easter 2014 022

Damaged, weather beaten and yet still turning on a stunning display of beauty triumphing over adversity.

There is a different kind of beauty in the damaged and broken. They have a sense of vulnerability and fragility about them, mixed with strength and determination. That’s why I liked this blossom so much…tattered and torn and broken, it still blossoms radiantly.




Green harvest amongst the grass…

fejoas in season

Today’s harvest…fresh green Fejoa’s off our own quite small tree in our very small front yard….delicious! We have been getting a a bowl filled every two or three days recently. It’s such a simple pleasure. There is something really nurturing about going outside and picking the fruit lying on the grass below your own tree, to then eat it and to also share your own home-grown food with others.

Whether you are a peel the skin off  and slice it type,  a cut in half  and use a teaspoon type, or a eat the whole thing skin and all type, or a throw it in a juicer type,  it doesn’t matter. However you like to eat them, they are tasty bit of happiness found in a green skin. Best shared.

The big dry is over…

Wellinton trip march 2014 162


It is odd looking at this image now. It was taken just a few weeks ago, but today it is wet, wild, windy and looking to stay that way for a quite a while. It is grey, bleak and wintry. And this will be followed by green. Not a pale green, but a lush, verdant green grass kind of green. The farmers will be happy no doubt with rain and subsequent green grass, but I will miss the beloved golden hues of the landscape of a hot, dry summer.

Sharing the love….

Hi there…

I have added more “share buttons” so you can share any of my blogs (or any of my images) with your friends or collections. You can share via Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, Instagram and the like.

If you are a Pinterest fan you can find Pinterest’s “Pin it” button when you hover over the “More” button, found below each blog entry.

I hope this helps you share the love and keep the blogging/inspiration/creativity world turning.


Sunset skies…

april 2014 sunset


Just another simple reminder of how incredible our planet is….another stunning sunset over Opunake Beach. I never ever tire of the sky’s dramatic displays in the early evening or of the early evening light reflected on calm water and wet sand.

The last of the golden fields…

wellington route

I have been doing a bit of travelling recently.  This region is usually very green, but now, at the very end of a long dry summer, is now golden and dry. The mountain range in the distance is almost blue in contrast. A perfect combination I think.

Creating on a lazy sunday…

remarkable world

It was the first time in seemingly ages – that I had some time to get out my journal/mixed media supplies/paper collections, and just open my journal and play around. I let my mind wander, and I was trying to not over-think anything and just see what developed. This photo is part of an entire page, but I especially like this little composition.



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