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Anticipation…and Angels for an Advent Alphabet Christmas


Here we are, the first day of December. The first day of the last month of the year. The first day of Christmas at my house. The day to put up the Christmas tree. The day to come together around the tree and pull out the beloved old and collected decorations and remember who made what and when. The day to get excited and start thinking about all the jobs to do for Christmas. A for Anticipation is the first word of this years’ Advent  Alphabet.

Angel’s are also a part of the story of Christmas and they are frequently found at the top of many Christmas Tree’s, but I especially their role as a symbol of being a messenger/bearer of good news. (I am also named after them).

I have had these two Christmas Angel’s for many years (so far unbroken!) and when the tree comes out, so do they. Not to sit atop my tree like many, but rather, I like to think, to keep watch over things and bring good news to us.

Welcome to Christmas.

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