Daily Archives: November 15, 2013

encountering the familiar…

coast lines


Familiar sights are reassuring. They give us a sense of home, of belonging. But sometimes they become taken for granted, and are not appreciated for their beauty because the scene has become so common to us. Perhaps Parisian’s feel that way about the Eiffel tower also? Because of this nonchalance, we may long for fresh views, new sights, and different experiences. But sometimes we just need to step back and the see the same thing with fresh eyes. We can think about the familiar sights and how they might seem to a person who has not seen them before or recall how we feel when we have been away, look from a different perspective or view point, or instead of looking, use other senses…there are a million ways we can encounter the familiar in an an familiar way and experience our familiar landscape again for the first time.

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