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Running into new ideas…

ponga fern

This image is a part of my recent experimentation. Taking the camera off its pre-set settings and experimenting with manual settings has mostly been an abject failure so far, but occasionally, it springs up a surprise. It feels scary to not know what to expect, to feel that I have no control over what will appear, and the good shots are more accidental than planned so far.

In life too, I took a step out of my comfort zone this weekend. I started running at the start of the year, after several years of pretty much neglecting my personal heath and fitness, several operations in a short period, a car accident and the cumulative (but not insignificant) effects of having had 4 children over ten years.

But mostly I started running as a space to clear my head, to have time to think and process things, to have some sacred “me” time. And so, I started, one lamp-post at a time. This weekend I attempted (and completed!) my first 10km run. I did a team relay in a local half marathon and was supported by my running friends (who did the whole thing), my family and my team running mate – who biked along with me after finishing his part). The time isn’t important, but what was important was just getting out there and doing it. Everyone had a different reason for being there…

One thing I discovered was that running made me feel good, which then made me feel more positive, thus more open to new ideas, and thus more creative!

Stepping outside of our comfort zone, setting a new challenge, trying something different.. its not the safe and easy option, but the rewards can be unexpected and exciting. It can change your life.

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