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walking off the beaten track…

coastal track 3

Time seems to be speeding up…days are flying by. Life has been super busy – days full of appointments, meetings and time commitments, leaving me rushed and missing out on other important things…time with my children and family, time for art, writing, photography, time to run and exercise,  and importantly, time with friends.

At times like this when everything feels to have sped up…I have discovered one of the best way to slow things down again, is to go for a walk.  This “off the beaten track” walkway  with its stunning, rugged and wild sea views was just what I needed to reconnect with some of those important things in my life again…and to stop rushing and just breathe.

On men at work…

welder 2

Witnessing someone completely focused and concentrating on what they are doing and oblivious to your presence is a strange phenomenon. You can feel like you are accidentally privy to an intensely private moment. Yet I was enthralled and drawn into the scene by the focused attention to detail, the composition of what I saw before me, the light (of course), and the contrast of gentle/fragile/focused work vs dangerous/gritty/dark…

That and the allure of the flame…mesmerising always!

Sometimes there is beauty in very unexpected places. This one place I have found it.

Birds of a feather eat together…

small camera oct 2013 004

I spotted this delightful pair recently at our local zoo park. I just loved the rich colours and the way they were dining together…taking turns and sharing. They gave a bit of brightness to an otherwise grey rainy day.

Why not tempt fate?

tempt fate

Initially this mixed media image said “Don’t tempt fate”. I like it far better compositionally without the “Don’t” word – it just looks better! I also like the message itself far more without its authoritative and negative “don’t” attached.

If fate is where/who/what we are pre-destined be in the future…then I say let’s start by knowing the place where our heart feels most glad, where our bones rest best, where we are loved most and where we are most free to be ourself.

Tempt fate – mixed media piece – found papers, stamps, ephemera and a “Tempt” store brochure (very nice store in New Plymouth).

Running into new ideas…

ponga fern

This image is a part of my recent experimentation. Taking the camera off its pre-set settings and experimenting with manual settings has mostly been an abject failure so far, but occasionally, it springs up a surprise. It feels scary to not know what to expect, to feel that I have no control over what will appear, and the good shots are more accidental than planned so far.

In life too, I took a step out of my comfort zone this weekend. I started running at the start of the year, after several years of pretty much neglecting my personal heath and fitness, several operations in a short period, a car accident and the cumulative (but not insignificant) effects of having had 4 children over ten years.

But mostly I started running as a space to clear my head, to have time to think and process things, to have some sacred “me” time. And so, I started, one lamp-post at a time. This weekend I attempted (and completed!) my first 10km run. I did a team relay in a local half marathon and was supported by my running friends (who did the whole thing), my family and my team running mate – who biked along with me after finishing his part). The time isn’t important, but what was important was just getting out there and doing it. Everyone had a different reason for being there…

One thing I discovered was that running made me feel good, which then made me feel more positive, thus more open to new ideas, and thus more creative!

Stepping outside of our comfort zone, setting a new challenge, trying something different.. its not the safe and easy option, but the rewards can be unexpected and exciting. It can change your life.

The welder’s realm…

W project 089

I mentioned a while ago that my first love in photography was people…it might seem strange as I very rarely post images of people, preferring  the relative safety of trees, buildings and the like for my blog.  I have (I guess) a documentary/street style of portraiture. I love to try and capture a person in such a way that someone viewing the image is drawn in and compelled to ask questions..

In this image, I just love that he is so engrossed in his work. Its not technically perfect, his hands are blurred as they were moving too quickly for the selected camera shutter speed, but for me…it is a man engrossed in his work and a moment captured perfectly.

Up the garden path…

garden query

I found the image of the garden path…it led me to a thought about people who come and go in your life and those who stay…The question I had was…who will walk with And in the future?

Some people come and go in your life and that’s ok. What matters is not who walks the path with you when it is wide, smooth, and clear for miles but who is also there when it gets narrow, rocky and hard to see.

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