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As the world kept spinning….




As soon as I saw this image I was captivated…I like that it keeps me looking, trying to make sense of it. It looks like an image from a dream.

But…its simply a little girl in her own world, spinning madly around on a swing, after twisting it around and around then letting go. I watch her strangely confused as the world kept spinning wildly around her, well after she stopped spinning on the swing. Then laughing, and starting again….

I took a photo from above, with the camera on a random manual setting…and we both ended up with a slightly unexpected and surreal experience.

Rain in the hills…

Wanganui Sept 2013 176

Rain in the hills. Then.

It is raining again now too.







Getting a different perspective…

city scene np

Sometimes we take for granted the very scene we see everyday. It is so familiar that we don’t even notice it any more. Yet the same place seen from a different perspective can give you a different take on things. I took this image while upstairs in a building in our main street. It was a perspective I had not seen before and it made the familiar city scene look quite unfamiliar and interesting. It reminds me to keep looking at things with fresh eyes.

Cafe cool….

cafe wall

I loved this lampshade with its retro blue fringe, especially against the wall of posters, flyers and advertising covering a cafe wall. The colours are great together and the modern grunge and vintage contrast appeals.

Time for a new journal…

new journal 2013

As you may know, I am a big fan of journals…I carry one or two with me at all times to jot down ideas, words, thoughts, musings, and as a place to store tokens of things I come across and the like…

Over the weekend I decided to have a go at making my own personal journal, using an old novel and some old magazines. I wanted to make something that felt like “me” and would inspire me to continue to add to it my musings. Here is what I came up with.

Its relatively simple to copy, just be sure to use magazines or other found papers that are not glossy (or you wont be able to write/draw over it). I chose to be a bit discriminating and removed any obvious advertising, but I was also quite open to randomness. I was quite happy with the effect of just glueing down a loose magazine page then tearing it to fit the book and seeing what was left of the image in my “new” journal. You could instead use old maps, old letters, fancy scrap-booking papers, wallpaper (?) and the like…

This is just the base layer, it will look different again with my words, images and assorted paraphernalia filling it up in time. The best bit is I am looking forward to adding to it now…

camera + chair + computer = creativity!


I spotted this lone chair while helping out in an art gallery this week. Against the wooden floors, its elegant curved shape and velvet brocade really took my eye. I decided to really play up the shape and the texture. It turned out quite dramatic and stylised – a fitting outcome for an elegant chair, I believe.

Proving again, that with a mind open to creative opportunity – you can find inspiration anywhere – even in an old chair.

Hoping you have a creatively inspired day today, too.

a house in the country….

little house

I am always pouring over magazines about homes, real estate magazines, architecture, restoration and home-focused magazines and tv programmes…interiors/design/garden magazines – they all fascinate me.

I love pictures of people’s homes and reading about who lives there and why…gathering and exploring ideas for interiors, garden/landscaping/restoration/renovation/furnishings and finding about the lives of people who live in their homes and what inspires them.

This little house intrigued me, mostly because of its tiny cottage and the relatively enormous trees almost overshadowing it and threatening its very existence. Who lives here and why? What stories does this tiny cottage have?


close up 2 of cross

Today I go to comfort my dear friend as she buries her beloved father. Words seem meaningless and hollow, actions feel equally useless. Just being there…That’s all I can offer.

The deep blues in one of my recent paintings seemed to resonate with me right now. Deep, inky, moody blues, and shards of light punctuating the darkness. A deep river, a dark night, a place broken in your heart.

Love is a touch you know fleeting. A memory lingers. Hearts are broken all around me.

The old fire station

old fire station

I saw this recently – this funny little building with its self evident statement of introduction. Oddly cute!


A spring greeting…


Magnolia trees in full bloom with their bare branches and huge pink flowers are a sure sign around here that spring is on its way. I came across this huge magnolia tree heavily laden with flowers while out on my run recently. I couldn’t resist a small branch from the huge tree with its heavy pink load of spring joy.

At home, in an old crystal decanter for a vase, they look simple and stunning.

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