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When the light shifts

Late July 2013 015

to dusk and then nightfall, what follows is a new day. Sometimes a new day is a metaphor for looking at things in a new light.

I too, have been looking at things in a new light, trying to make sense of where I am, and where I am headed as I try to take all my loosely formed ideas and focus them in a business plan. (How do you turn your hopes and dreams into tangible goals?).

The key question in my mind is what would a “creatively inspired life” really look like for me? The answer is one where I am fully living the life I aspire to live, one focused on photography, writing, inspiring others and being creative. But how????

To continue to focus on writing (blogging) and photographing what inspires me and seemingly what resonates with others is crucial. But, I want to be more personal. More real. Less trees and sunsets…more heartfelt, more of me and I want to hear more of you, too. We are in this community together.

So, here is the real deal…I am still and always will be a mother first, to my four beautiful children. I am also a writer, a photographer, an artist, and am still seeking to carve out a life through my creative outlets. I work a few hours a week in project management, an important link to my former career and I love it for its completely different challenges, an opportunity to really “make a difference” and to be involved in transforming public spaces for people. I love it, almost as much as I love writing and photographing.

I am divorced, yes, and scarily find myself forty(ish) and have over the last few years gone through a completely unexpected, utterly horrendous custody battle over care of our three sons. It has nearly destroyed me in the process. But like a butterfly I am determined to emerge from this experience stronger and a more beautiful person. These things that come along that nearly break us, ultimately make us stronger. The experience doesn’t define me, but it is a big part of my story. Just as moving from career-aspiring woman to “professional artist” is.

Black Box Art Studio still exists – but it has morphed into a different space – photographic studio, writing space, journals and a laptop all jostle for space amongst paint, glue, canvases, a printing press and old suitcases full of assorted papers, stamps and inks…I still don’t know what it all means…but I know that what’s coming is different from what came before.

Black Box Art Studio – it is still about “art, life and the messy bits in between”, but it is now quite apparently more than that…it is the real journey toward my dream of living the life I dream of.. “A creatively inspired life”.

It starts now. Apparently with a business plan.

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