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They say…

Wellington July 2013

They say “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day”. And I certainly struck it lucky…here are a few more images of one of my favourite city’s…walking around the city centre waterfront last weekend was just magical.

The element of surprise

wellington july 2013 117

Your feet lead you into the spaces. You eyes follow but you just can’t take it all in…you become curious and strangely child like. When you walk around…you enter another world. You keep walking, exploring, taking it all in, feeling like you are missing something, yet also feeling strangely welcome and accepted. It’s a place that says stay a while, see what you can discover, and know who we are……and the more you look, the more you see….stories carved into stone, strange symbols on poles, fish, eagles, moons, birds, stars, puzzles and prose, silver dancing balls, metal trees, jingle bells beside the sea, a naked diver suspended in time as he is about to leap from the wharf, concrete poetry and crazy miniature worlds in glass boxes, tall poles, metal waves, water and bridges, strange shaped buildings jostling for space in a crowded distant skyline, wharf poles and heritage theatres, green grass and coloured glass, wooden winding paths, pyramids and pillars, gigantic rocks, concrete and water reed, moonbeams and mayhem.

You really just have to love it. Wellington, well done.

A little white box on the edge of the cliff…

sunset and white shed

This shed sits on the edge of the ocean, where the green meets the blue in a dramatic cliff edge. I always wonder what is it’s purpose? Is it just a storage shed for hay and farm items, or does its barn-like exterior actually hide a sanctuary – a stunning, cliff-edge place for contemplation, creativity and inspiration…who knows?

And why is it white? Such a dramatic colour to offset against the green grass and the blue sea, and in this image the dusky pink hues of an early sunset – yes, white is the prefect choice! Shed, barn or retreat…I don’t know its purpose, but if it was mine, it would be all glass along the northern front facing directly out to sea, like a white shoe-box perched on the edge of the world and I would stand there in my shed/studio/retreat and stare out to that great, endless, deep blue world of sea and sky.

A place like no other?

mountain air

The mountain is looking particularly spectacular at present, covered in thick white snow and looking very much like a mountain should – regal and impressive. This image, with the Stony River in the foreground (one of the many rivers flowing from the mountain to the sea) captures that beauty rather nicely, I think. How is it possible that this view is so close to my home and yet I also live by the sea? How lucky am I?

This is one of those times when you wish you could head up the mountain, breath in some mountain air and reflect on the glorious and stunning natural environment…but at this particular moment, I was in a car, on a bridge, heading elsewhere.

My last thought…This really is “a place like no other”. Let’s keep it that way…

An ocean-side perspective…

ocean view

It has been a strange few weeks. I have been burnt out – I guess, from my studies. My camera has been quite untouched, journals gathering dust, my beloved blog ignored, my art room locked up – quite strange it all seems. But I think sometimes you need to just switch off after an intense period and physically put down the camera/journal/art supplies and do something else. So I have done so. Until this week…

School holidays arrived and with my children ready for some action, the seaside park with two new slides beckoned… where else in the world can children slide down a steep slide on a very grassy hill and then stare straight out at the wild ocean? After numerous shots of them playing, I turned and captured a few shots of the grey, overcast winter sky and felt the sun breaking through onto the quiet still sea.

Finally, I felt inspired again.

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