Daily Archives: June 10, 2013

What you find when you have given up on looking…


There is something about orchids – something provocative, erotic, exotic, exclusive, delicate, and mysterious about them. They seem to be such an unlikely plant to find in a suburban backyard garden in Taranaki. Surely they must need special care and attention, such as special food, fertilisers, glass houses, etc? Mine has sat neglected in a pot in the garden, sheltered from the worst of the rain and harsh mountain and sea winds, but not assisted with special care or attention. It looked like a very sad plant…I had almost given up hope of it ever doing anything after 4 years of basic neglect. Then last week – what I thought was a dead brown stalk suddenly and magically bloomed, just as the wind and rain announced that winter was well and truly here. There it was, the most stunning orchid flower – in my pot, in my garden, in the rain!

As the weather was getting wilder and wetter, I cut my precious brown stem and brought it indoors with its one flower and a further six unopened buds.

It is elegant and beautiful. And it not only thrived but blossomed when it seemed there was no hope left. For that, I love it even more.

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