Acting on instinct…


It has been along time since I photographed people (apart from my own family). Yet recently, I have been intrigued again with the human form, and an old passion has been reignited. I have found that my old love of photographing people is still deep with me.

The way light lands on faces and bodies is mesmerizing and I am always surprised at how a single fleeting moment or glance can be caught forever on a camera…sometimes creating the most unexpected surprises.

When I look at this image, a simple string of words pops into my head..

“A touch you know fleeting”

What that means exactly, I don’t know. Where it comes from, I don’t know exactly. But it feels right to me.


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2 responses to “Acting on instinct…

  • bbylois

    hello angela , This is the way I like people to seen in images . Even a certain action or dynamic is so nice expressed . One remark , the necklace is for me very dominant in this image. It takes the whole image and I am trying to get it of , but was not successful 🙂 , hope to see more of your work . see you bart

    • Angela Sefton

      Thanks Bart, I really appreciate your comments and feedback. You have a good point about the necklace, although I do like the contrast, but i do see your point also about it being dominant. Thanks again, Angela.

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