Daily Archives: June 3, 2013

Horse for the hill…

May 2013 small camera 037

I always smile when the horses are back on my grassy hill across the road. Not that I am a horse lover, in fact I am actually quite afraid of them – their intimidating size, their big teeth, their hard hooves and strong legs.

But… I like that they are there, happily grazing over the road in the middle of suburbia. I like feeding them an apple core. I like patting them – from my side of the fence. I like the way they frolic sometimes – running and leaping into the air and rolling on their backs for seemingly no apparent reason. I like the way they keep each other company. Mostly I like they way they look grazing, as I watch from the other side of the road. But sometimes I secretly wonder how thrilling it must be to ride such a magnificent beast, bareback, and race like the wind along a sandy, empty beach.

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