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Grey Guardian in the city.


I have really felt invigorated recently, being in a different city. It’s been a real reminder of what I love about being right in the heart of a big city…the architecture, the use of spaces both big and small, the people watching, the discoveries you make by walking around and exploring.

I love the very Gothic feel of this photo, which was taken in the pouring rain. The grey sky, the rain, the grey stone building…”The Guardian” it says over the entranceway, which is rather apt I think. And the rather grand clock, a sombre reminder that time waits for no one…

A dog’s life….

dog on a boat

I saw this little dog sitting on his master’s bag, on board a ferry recently on a journey between Auckland city centre and an island. I especially like the city scene in the background, appearing like it is hovering on top of the dog – like a thought. I wonder if he is a city dog visiting the island or an island dog visiting the city?

Rethinking coming “home”.

April Auckland 2013 170

A different mountain. On a road less travelled by me . Some of my ancestors come from here.  It is misty and green like where I live now, and there is a mountain and cows, so it is a familiar scene.  There is a mighty river. It is spectacularly beautiful.

But there is no sea near here. No sea smell. No salt spray. No endless blue horizon. No ever changing waves. No sand.  No sound of the sea.

I may be from the green valley and my ancestors may have dwelt in the shadow of the mountain, but the sea rages through my veins and without it I am lost.

Sculpture in the city…

bird sculpture

I love art is public spaces. Especially beautiful, thoughtful, elegant human scale sculptures such as this one I came across on a very rainy day recently in Auckland. I also love seeing old buildings that have been lovingly restored and redeveloped. The sculpture sits right under and next to a lovely old city tree. I love that it seems to say to the child “come and explore here”. And to me, it said…”I am a part of this city’s heart. I speak for the birds and the trees”.

It also happened to be right next to the very impressive and newly renovated City Art Gallery. And as I am also partial to the native birds that this sculpture honours, it all adds up to a pretty special place/moment where even rain couldn’t dampen the spirit. I hope my image captures some of that.


heading north

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need. Sometimes where you live and what you know just feels a bit too known, a bit too safe, a bit too uninspiring. And you long for a change of scenery, some new sights, some new ideas to inspire creativity.

I was heading north, instead of my usual south direction. It was welcome rain (after the recent drought), grey and misty. Yet, to me, it was a chance to observe a different view, a beautiful and contemplative kind of view. Just what I needed.

Considering a different view of the world…


Sometimes you just need a new perspective. I have found recently that looking at the same thing in a new/different way has helped me manage a whole lot of things recently. This image is also an example of that – here I have taken something that one wouldn’t normally give a second glance too, and re-looked at it again from a totally different perspective, (or camera lens…) and suddenly the answer you were seeking appears.

This applies in life and in creativity.

My apologies for the irregular postings recently. Sometimes, even with a different perspective we still cannot manage to do the things we love as often as we would wish, at times.

City boy in the country…

city boy

I came across this city infrastructure marker recently on my travels and was immediately drawn to it. I liked the wording on it. City Boy. It seems to serve some important purpose, but what exactly that is, was lost on me.

I was momentarily tempted to steal it. It would make a great feature in a boys bedroom, or hung in city office, or even as a photography prop. Instead, I just photographed it and smiled in mild amusement.  I wonder is there a corresponding “City Girl” somewhere? I can imagine “City Boy seeks City Girl”.

Or, is there an opposite, a “Country Boy” sign somewhere?

Happiness is a postcard…

I have been thinking about happiness recently. About what makes me really happy and why? And what I can do to make myself happier. I do believe that my happiness affects others, especially my children, so if I want them to be positive, content, happy little persons, then I need to ensure I am modelling such behaviour as well and taking responsibility for my own happiness.

My children make me very happy. Photography makes me happy. Writing and blogging makes me very happy. Collecting odd things and journalling makes me happy. Running, too, it seems, makes me happy. Flowers on a window sill make me happy. Painting makes me happy (but that is a much more complex relationship). And helping others also makes me happy.

I have made these postcards to help (in a very small way) the fundraising efforts to restore a wonderful facility entirely owned by the Opunake community, called Everybody’s Theatre. The restoration work is being led by a committed group and a supportive community, who are trying to restore and renovate it.

Its a little thing. But little things add up to bigger things and spread. Like happiness.

postcard side a

postcard side 2

Catching the last surf break

surfers heading out

We have had some international surfing championships on here recently. After the semifinals of the women’s event ended the day’s competition, I noticed that the local surf-lifesaving club members were heading out to catch the last of the day’s surf-breaks in the coveted surf spot.

Birds of a feather…

birds on flax

Birds of a feather flock together…and this seemed to be the case with these flax bushes that were the destination of choice for the sparrows. They were all flitting about, coming and going and chirping like they were attending a huge family reunion. It was so lovely.

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