The circle of life…

cemetery 2

Births, deaths and marriages…In recent days, I have found myself at two different cemeteries, attended a wedding and congratulated new parents on their impending or recently arrived new babes.

I like cemeteries. They are quiet, reflective spaces. They really put the meaning of our “life” into context – how short/long it can be, how unexpectedly and tragically or peacefully it can end. They make you stop and think about how you ultimately live and love and whether you will be remembered as someone who reached out to others and made a difference during your life. I am especially touched at how poignant the grievers can be in their words of loss and grief, words that still resonate, in some cases, centuries later.

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4 responses to “The circle of life…

  • bbylois

    I like this note Angela it let me think . I believe there are no real cycles but more spirals of our life. Cycles are perfect , nothing is that perfect ( and should be not perfect to give shape) . Cycles are endless begin and start equally , Time and the cultivation of it can not make this happen, I believe. Frankly , i don’t like cycles because they are predicting what the end might be . But that is only me , You gave my an idea to express that in some images.

    • Angela Sefton

      Spirals is a good description, and as you say more reflective of the turns and twists our lives take, which are not perfect like circles. Still, it always good to have other views to ponder, so thanks for taking time to share your thoughts…its given me something to think on…

      • bbylois

        Thank you Angela .That is what art is about for me. To look at and look twice , to experience , to think and to enjoy, twice 🙂 .Maybe I could join this experiment to, If you allow, we can exchange or work, Of course if you are interested to do so , No problem if not. above all , I like your work and that is the reason I like to interact.

      • Angela Sefton

        I love to share ideas also. I think it enhances creativity to share and discuss ideas, themes, concepts and creativity challenges.

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