Counting the street lamp-posts

hydrangea 2013

“Start something” I say to others…so I have taken my own advice.

I have started a new year with a new goal. Not a creative goal (although I have those as well – another exhibition & more sales just for starters) but this one is more of a physical goal…Running. The actual goal is a half marathon by the end of the year but at present its kind of run/walk/run/walk for about fifteen to twenty minutes…but its a start. I got inspired recently and felt that all my previous excuses (ill health, several surgeries, too busy with work/kids/art.. etc) were no longer valid. I got some proper shoes. And just well, started. Literally one street lamp-post at a time.

I am interested to know if it will enhance my creativity. I am sure it will. I hope it will build strength, stamina and provide me with lots of feel good endorphins. I keep my small camera and a tiny notebook tucked in my jacket as I would never let a “run” get in the way of a good photo or inspiration when it hits.

Despite the slow start – it feels good. This is part of the “Art, Life and the messy bits in between”. The messy part now includes running. I wasn’t sure I should share this, but its a part of my story. And who knows, maybe you might join me in taking on one street lamp-post at a time?

This image is from yet another walk around one of my favourite towns. I have played with it and blurred the edges a little, but I quite like the effect of focusing the attention on the central image.


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