A kiwi institution…

washing line

The home-made washing line is a kiwi institution found at almost all original kiwi baches (holiday homes) around New Zealand. Usually loaded with towels, togs, and wetsuits flapping and drying out in the breeze. This one is so close to the raging surf it is almost engulfed by it.

It is not full of wet beach clothes drying but is seemingly abandoned. But then I noticed it has new, bright yellow pegs (like little yellow birds sitting perched) on the washing line. They contrast so vividly with the grey, churned-up, wild sea and the overcast sky.

The pegs instantly bring me a memory of salt dried and sand-laden clothes, after a day at the beach. Clothes that are wind dried and smell of the sea. Many months later the smell still lingers, making you smile.


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