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Leaves like us…

leaf study

Last weekend as I was walking, I noticed the colours in the leaves below my feet. I especially liked that there were multiple colours on one leaf sometimes. I collected a bunch of the best ones around me, and took them home to photograph. One on its own is pleasant enough, but when you see many together, but each as an individual, you start to appreciate the unique beauty inherent in each one. They are all similar but very different. A bit like us really.

Sunday’s Simple Still-life Study

flower vase feb 2013

I was just about to discard these flowers and leaves – they had been left too long in the vase and were wilting and dying. But then I photographed them and they took on a dramatic “still-life” look. The red seemed so bright and dark against the whiter background and the faded greenery, twine, glass and water added a nice texture.

The result is “Red Flowers in a glass vase” a still-life study (photograph).

Cruising by the sea

new wheels

I have wanted a “cruiser” bicycle secretly for ages. My dream one was pink, had a big comfy seat and a basket, a back carrier for people (unofficially, of course) or parcels (officially), no gears and had an “old school” vintage vibe. And guess what? I got offered one by someone clearing out their garage of “junk”. Did I want it? YES!!!!

It has instantly brought back memories of my grandmother’s large old bike (similar to this and complete with with a cane basket) and of my very own first bike, a red Rayleigh 20 when I was 8. You never forget the sense of freedom and joy a bike gives you.

In my favourite seaside town, my pink bike and I will soon be cruising the slow streets by the sea..perfectly happy on a pretty pink bike.

A love affair with old suitcases…


There is something about old suitcases…These are three I own. I have recently acquired another – it’s large, very dark brown leather, complete with thick leather straps and buckles, but that is not photographed here.

My suitcases serve no real travel purpose, I use them to store odd bits of paper, letters, notes, postcards, wrapping papers, and scraps of card/tissue/twine. But I love them. The smallest one was actually my first school bag, complete with its early 70’s stickers peeling away on the inside and the holes where my fingers dug in when it was heavy on my long walk home from school. The others have found there way to me over the years. A reminder of travel I have done and places I hope to be one day…

In the meantime, they are damn good storage facilities for miscellaneous papers, and frequently a fairy costume and pirate sword or two, find there way in their too.

Pondering on a pretty pest…


Agapantha’s get a bad rap around here. It seems almost everyone hates them. They are considered (officially) a pest plant, an “environmental weed” and a lot of effort goes into removing them from many places. But they also seem to do a great job when mass planted of providing some lush greenery. They are salt tolerant and frequently found near the sea, such as this one was. They are very hardy.

Finding beauty in things that others think are pests…that is about having an open mind to seeking beauty all around us, even in unlikely places.

Counting the street lamp-posts

hydrangea 2013

“Start something” I say to others…so I have taken my own advice.

I have started a new year with a new goal. Not a creative goal (although I have those as well – another exhibition & more sales just for starters) but this one is more of a physical goal…Running. The actual goal is a half marathon by the end of the year but at present its kind of run/walk/run/walk for about fifteen to twenty minutes…but its a start. I got inspired recently and felt that all my previous excuses (ill health, several surgeries, too busy with work/kids/art.. etc) were no longer valid. I got some proper shoes. And just well, started. Literally one street lamp-post at a time.

I am interested to know if it will enhance my creativity. I am sure it will. I hope it will build strength, stamina and provide me with lots of feel good endorphins. I keep my small camera and a tiny notebook tucked in my jacket as I would never let a “run” get in the way of a good photo or inspiration when it hits.

Despite the slow start – it feels good. This is part of the “Art, Life and the messy bits in between”. The messy part now includes running. I wasn’t sure I should share this, but its a part of my story. And who knows, maybe you might join me in taking on one street lamp-post at a time?

This image is from yet another walk around one of my favourite towns. I have played with it and blurred the edges a little, but I quite like the effect of focusing the attention on the central image.

Word of advice…

June 2011 061-1

A little thought in the spirit of Valentines Day…hope you had a good one.

A lumpy situation…

mountain and land lumps

Around here the paddocks are filled with strange lumps. Mounds that are not big enough to be called hills, but appear to be more than just natural undulations in the land. These large mounds are found in every paddock around the coast and are usually covered in good green grass and cows. Just add doors and it would look like the Hobbit’s village!

I always assumed they were historical volcanic ash deposits – I do live in the shadow of a volcano after all. They are in fact, the result of a massive debris avalanche from a former (and much larger I assume) cone at the site of the present volcano, some 22,500 years ago. They have been here a long, long time, these lumps on the land.

Stormy skies ahead…

stormy sky

Drama in the sky. Angry black clouds looming. The flowers, having given up on the promise of rain, remain now as dried stalks blowing in the breeze. The rain was too late for them.

We need storms. It is after the storm that the pure clarity comes. Everything seems different after a storm, what isn’t destroyed is stronger.

A flight of colour…

art in the park

The purple of the leaves was so pretty when I photographed it, but it is the burst of colour to the right of the leaves that captures my imagination. It is like the colours are flying away…

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