Daily Archives: January 31, 2013

Life on the other side of the camera


This was supposed to be a blog about the end of the exhibition, with a photographic showcasing of all the exhibition pieces…but as you can see, it’s not. (technical glitches…) So, it’s just me, caught on camera by my kids.

Its not very often that I am on this end of the camera, much preferring to be the photographer rather than the subject. But, this photo was taken by one of my two younger children and I thought it captured quite well what they see. There’s no make up, no hairstyling, no fancy clothes or house styling…just me, being me. Its refreshingly honest.

So, this is me now. As viewed from a 3 year old or possibly 7 year old.

My ONE exhibition is finished. I have had several international, national and local sales of my images and tons of positive feedback. Who knows what this year holds?? I hope you continue to carry on this journey with me. I love your support, advice, comments and the inspiration I get from your own stories and creative journeys.

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