A little word of thanks…

The ONE Exhibition would not have happened without the support and assistance of the following people and organisations/businesses, that I would like to acknowledge and thank.

1. The North Taranaki Community Arts Trust for giving me a chance.
2. The Real TART Gallery staff for their advice, support, encouragement and a tremendous effort in pulling it all together on the day.
3. Roger and the team at French Photographics for my gorgeous medium and large scale photographic prints. (and for telling me to get a new camera!)
4. Anita at About Image for your assistance in making my Picture Stories come to life.
5. The Artshop for paints, some framing, and good advice.
6. Maree for her card design work – taking an image, words and a vague idea and turning it into my awesome exhibition cards.
7. My family and my friends – for all the encouragement (and brutal advice when required) and for all the other stuff (you know…) – a heartfelt thanks to each of you.
8. My blog friends – a constant source of inspiration, advice and encouragement from creative and interesting people from around the world (72 countries!!) who I am very flattered to say, have an interest in what I am doing…thank you again.
9. And GB who really said Go for it.

From me.


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