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No place like home

HJ Eaves store

This is not my home. But it is nice to be home, and to be able to blog again easily. I have found my experience with ‘remote’ blogging very easy in some regards, but very frustrating also. It is nice to be home, in my familiar environment, with my familiar laptop, my familiar settings, a normal keyboard and all my files and images right where I left them – easy to find and use and post.

This building (store) announces that it was established in 1875. In other parts of the world, that may be considered relatively modern, but around here, any building established in 1875, I would think, is probably worthy of more than to be all boarded up and neglected…but it is what it is. I, naturally, was drawn to it like a leaf to a moth. I especially liked the contrast of the burst of blue hydrangeas on the left (like a bouquet of flowers left at a grave, I thought) and the long dead straight road to the the sea on the right. I always dwell on who lived there, who made their livelihood in this spot, who were the EAVES? Who decided this was the perfect place to build a retail empire and why? Certainly it was a prosperous (and violent and dangerous) time.

It makes a grim but rather good image, I thought.

In other news, it is set up day tomorrow for the exhibition. Gulp! Everything I have been working toward is reaching its ‘now or never’ moment and tomorrow we will spend several hours taking lots of packages out of my house and studio and garage (there are nearly 70 items!!) and hopefully turning it into something great, at the gallery. I will try to post some images. Wish me luck.

Finally, I forgot to say, in all my busy’ness and distractions recently – a very happy new year to you! My belated best wishes for a fantastic, inspired and creative year.

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