Unfinished Business has ended.

unfinished business

Here is my latest painting, finished finally. I noticed my last blog about it was called Unfinished business and the name seems to have stuck for some reason. I think it can be interpreted quite a few ways. It is already now for the exhibition and it is large, heavily textured, quite dramatic, and I am relieved it is finished. It seems a long way from my original intention of a light and bright image (I had felt my previous works were too dark looking), but they always seem to almost take on their own life. Almost all the white is now layered underneath blues, purples and blacks.

I have about 12 paintings now ready for the exhibition. A couple I feel especially attached too, and if they sell, I think I will be quietly quite sad but also thrilled. Along with the paintings I have about 30 framed photographs ready, 10 “picture stories” (blog musings and meanderings with images) and a few other surprises…I am feeling pretty organised now, finally. Its been a mammoth effort (and a huge expense) but feels very good to see it all coming together. I will be sure to post some images once it is all set up in the gallery next week.

The last day of the year. I am looking forward to next year, with all its surprises, journeys and opportunities. I casually looked up my astrological sign in the newspaper today – a horoscope forecast for 2013 and it said “You show an obvious creativity that’s certain to get you noticed. Discard any self doubts, reaffirm strengths and meet your ambitions…its a year for professional breakthrough”. I don’t know if its true, but I like it, and with the exhibition a week away, it felt like a good omen!

May you have a wonderful New Years Eve tonight and a great New Years Day tomorrow. Wherever you are, I hope you are with those closest to you and feeling creative and positive as we herald in a New Year and hope for a brighter, safer, happier and more peaceful year.

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