An invitation to our first exhibition opening of the New Year.

“ONE – An Exhibition” features the work of Angela M. Sefton with an Opening night on Monday 7th January at 5.30pm.

Read more about Angela below and see what inspires this insightful artist

My name is Angela Sefton. I am a Taranaki based artist.

Photography allows me to document things I find beautiful, compelling and challenging. I love old buildings. I love their faded elegance, their stoic charm, their promise now neglected and abandoned. I wonder what stories they hold. I love trees and like to notice beauty in unlikely places.

I paint primarily abstract paintings using colour, texture, layering, mixing and scraping to make my images. I mostly use my hands rather than brushes or traditional painting tools. My paintings are always an emotional response to something and I tend to let things evolve organically, only starting with a concept, an emotion, a word, a specific colour or just an instinct or feeling.

I draw inspiration from old buildings, neglected bridges, nature, history, travel, poems and stories, city streets, beaches, patterns, symbols, a wide assortment of found papers and images, photos, books and magazines, old finds and new things, seeking beauty in the discarded and unnoticed.

I also create mixed media art pieces and enjoy journaling and writing. I write a blog (an online journal/art-space) where I share creative ideas and thoughts with 200 followers (fellow artists/bloggers) from all around the world and I have sold my work both internationally and locally. The blog is central to my art – it is my global community of supporters, peers (fellow artists) and customers .

I wanted to take the concept of a “virtual” thing like my blog and make it a “real” thing to see, enjoy and/or consider. The pieces are all connected through my blog and they all have a story. Images are varied but all share a commonality of high contrast, a sense of drama, a lot of colour and texture, use of symbols and text, and finding beauty in unexpected places. The photography is almost all taken around Taranaki and south Taranaki coast.

This is my first exhibition as a full time artist. What people can expect is a real mix of Taranaki photography, some mixed media pieces, abstract paintings and some blog entries presented (which are essentially stories with images).

Looking forward to seeing you on the 7th Jan 2013 5.30pm

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season and thank you for your support of our iconic Real Tart Gallery

This was a mail out “invitation” from the Real Tart Gallery, to friends of the Gallery, which I extend to you also.

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About Angela Sefton

Painting…photography…mixed media…print making….design…journaling…writing…creating in stunning Taranaki by the wild west coast and a stunning mountain backdrop, with my four gorgeous (make that cute, but messy!) kids, my partner GB, and one very large fat cat. View all posts by Angela Sefton

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