Daily Archives: December 28, 2012

Are there more poets than readers of poetry?

I got two poetry books for christmas. They seem to have awakened a sleeping poet, or maybe its just another way of writing and making images? For what its worth, here are my very amatuer attempts…

My mother rode barebacked to school
I have seen a picture
Bare feet a mane
Two sisters
Bare feet bare back she
Looks so happy
Not so long ago.


A simple word
My silver bracelet beloved
Encircles my wrist with simple words
Freedom lies in listening to your heart
You might think
The most important word is
Or heart even
The word i touch most
Rub my finger over
The word i take most heed of
Look at consider
Need to learn the most from
Maybe we all do

There it is. Maybe i will stick to my painting and photography. It has been nice to write and words have come easily, unlike my attempts to blog remotely which is proving painfully slow and clumsy!

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