Daily Archives: December 20, 2012

Start Something

Christmas alphabet the letter S

Santa Claus, Silent night, Snow (northern hemisphere), Strawberries (southern hemisphere)…even Singing or Smiles were all worthy candidates for today’s letter of the Christmas Alphabet – the letter S.

But Christmas isn’t just a time for enjoying the moment…quite often its a chance to reflect back over the past year and to think forward to next year.

“Start something” was a note to myself. It stays in my art room, pinned up as I find that when creativity freezes, or doubts start to appear, I find it quite useful to just “start something” and soon enough ideas/inspiration seems to rather curiously start to come together. But Start Something is also about having an attitude of doing rather than not-doing (but making excuses) or of action over procrastination.

So, in the Spirit of Christmas…however small or insignificant it might seem, Start Something..you never know what will happen.

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