Reflecting on the Road Trip

Christmas alphabet - letter R

Reflecting on the Road trip.

This image is taken at night on a Recent Road trip. Don’t worry, I was not driving! Road trips are for many of us, a big part of Christmas reunions, family gatherings and festivities. They require a lot of planning, stress, co-ordination and a huge amount of patience, especially when with travelling with children.

I am off tomorrow on a nearly 1,000 km road trip over several days with my children, to see our Relatives before Christmas. This is why the letter R is posted slightly early, and unfortunately why the letter S of this Christmas Alphabet will be slightly late. (Unless I suddenly gain access to some really reliable Roaming technology). Failing that, I will enjoy my relatives and children and reflect on what I need to to do when I get back, for Christmas and also the ONE exhibition opening January 7th!

Remember – if you are off on a Road trip over Christmas, drive safely and take it easy out there on the Roads.

Reflecting on the Road Trip – the letter R of this Christmas Alphabet.


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