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Reflecting on the Road Trip

Christmas alphabet - letter R

Reflecting on the Road trip.

This image is taken at night on a Recent Road trip. Don’t worry, I was not driving! Road trips are for many of us, a big part of Christmas reunions, family gatherings and festivities. They require a lot of planning, stress, co-ordination and a huge amount of patience, especially when with travelling with children.

I am off tomorrow on a nearly 1,000 km road trip over several days with my children, to see our Relatives before Christmas. This is why the letter R is posted slightly early, and unfortunately why the letter S of this Christmas Alphabet will be slightly late. (Unless I suddenly gain access to some really reliable Roaming technology). Failing that, I will enjoy my relatives and children and reflect on what I need to to do when I get back, for Christmas and also the ONE exhibition opening January 7th!

Remember – if you are off on a Road trip over Christmas, drive safely and take it easy out there on the Roads.

Reflecting on the Road Trip – the letter R of this Christmas Alphabet.

the Quiet of Christmas…

christmas Alphabet - letter Q

Christmas is a noisy time of year, and I love that about it. I love the hustle and bustle, the joy, the laughter, the music, the carols and the merriment.

I also love the Quiet of looking at the Christmas tree lights long after children are asleep, the Quiet of sleeping children tired out from all the excitement, the Quiet of remembering a touching moment from a Christmas past, the Quiet of thinking about loved ones who cannot, for whatever reason, be with us at Christmas time, though we might dearly wish it were so. The Quiet of the starry (or perhaps snowy?) night sky. The Quiet of a landscape where no other soul is in sight and you suddenly feel very alone but strangely at peace – just you, the sky and the endless sea.

The Quiet of Christmas. The letter Q of this Christmas Alphabet.

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